Antelope Audio is known for their high-quality microphones, versatile audio interfaces with world-class clocking and AD/DA conversion, and extensive library of authentic analog-modeled plug-ins. The new Axino Synergy Core ($399) recording system combines each of these elements into one simple solution that offers everything you need to capture professional-sounding recordings.

In this blog, we'll break down what makes the new Axino Synergy Core recording system so great and how it can help you streamline your workflow. Let's get right to it!

Antelope Audio Axino Synergy Core

The new Axino Synergy Core is a powerful all-in-one recording system that combines a professional cardioid USB microphone with an audio interface and advanced processing capabilities. Featuring a large-diaphragm capsule, the Axino Synergy Core microphone delivers accurate, detailed sound with unparalleled clarity.

What's better than one microphone? How about 19? Axino Synergy Core features Antelope Audio’s renowned microphone Modeling Engine, including 18 emulations of classic dynamic, tube, and FET condenser microphones. Best of all, you can record and monitor in real-time for a totally seamless workflow.

The Axino Synergy Core also includes the same cutting-edge technology from Antelope Audio’s top audio interfaces. Featuring Antelope's acclaimed AD/DA conversion and AFC™ clocking technology, the Axino Synergy Core recording system delivers pristine audio quality at resolutions up to 24-bit / 192 kHz.

Ideal for recording or mixing, the Axino Synergy Core comes bundled with 10 Synergy Core effects including compressors, EQs, preamps and dynamic processors. This is the perfect package for achieving the ultimate radio-ready sound.

Sound Quality

Equipped with a custom large diaphragm capsule, the Axino Synergy Core captures every detail of your performance. A large gold-sputtered membrane ensures low-self noise, while the cardioid pickup helps to reduce unwanted background noise for crystal-clear recordings.

Paired with a hybrid amp design featuring Antelope Audio’s renowned Discrete preamp technology, the Axino Synergy Core captures hyper-accurate, transparent sound. Onboard gain controls and dedicated switches for a -10 dB pad and a high-pass filter make it easy to dial in the right levels for any session.

Virtual Mic Locker

If you're looking to add more color and character to your recordings, the Axino Synergy Core features Antelope Audio’s renowned microphone Modeling Engine, allowing you to record in real-time using emulations of some of the most sought-after studio microphones ever made.

Let's take a quick look at the 18 emulations included with the Axino Synergy Core recording system.

Berlin 47 FT: The ultimate kick drum microphone, featuring large, full-bodied sound and unmatchable low-end.

Berlin 47 TU: Modeled after “the holy grail” of tube microphones, this classic condenser captures vocals' presence like no other microphone.

Berlin 49T: A classic vocal mic that's oozing with warm tube tone.

Berlin 57: With warm mids and velvety highs, the Berlin 57 offers a fairly neutral and uncolored response.

Berlin 67L: Ideal for drum overheads and softening harsh transients.

Berlin 87: A classic on vocals and acoustic instruments that need extra brightness.

Berlin K86: Modeled after a classic German small-diaphragm condenser microphone, this mic has been heard on countless hit records.

Berlin M103: More transparent than the 87 and with a bigger dynamic range, the M103 is a natural-sounding all-purpose studio microphone.

Berlin M251: A classic vocal mic famously used by Tina Turner, Shania Twain, Bjork, and many other legends.

Berlin V563: Natural warmth and smoothness with a brilliant top end and professional sheen.

Hamburg 441: Perfect for guitar cabs, snares and other high SPL applications, this classic dynamic mic offers detailed upper mids that never sound harsh.

Illinois 7B: The ultimate radio microphone. Known for capturing incredibly deep low-end on voice-overs and speech.

Illinois 57: Arguably one of the most recognizable and versatile dynamic microphones ever built. Often used for close miking drums and guitar cabs.

Minnesota 20: With a full, rich sound and powerful low-end, this mic is a classic on kick and bass.

Tokyo 800T: A high-end large-diaphragm condenser mic preferred by pop and hip-hop icons like Drake, Justin Bieber and more.

Vienna 12: Often considered the holy grail of vocal and brass microphones, this versatile large-diaphragm mic delivers rich, balanced sound.

Vienna 112: A staple of every live room with a drum kit, this mic offers a tight low-end with plenty of attack.

Vienna 414: Perfect for drum overheads, acoustic instruments, and breathing new life into almost any performance.

Onboard Audio Interface

The Axino Synergy Core isn't just a microphone — it's a fully functional recording system with a built-in USB audio interface. Equipped with Antelope Audio's precise 64-bit AFC™ clocking and renowned AD/DA conversion, the Axino Synergy Core is capable of recording at resolutions up to 24-bit / 192 kHz.

A bus-powered USB port carries up to four input and four output channels, making it easy to record vocals and instruments or playback instrumentals from any DAW on a Mac or Windows machine.

Best of all, the Axino Synergy Core features a built-in headphone output with adjustable volume controls so you can monitor your performance right from the mic. Driven by Antelope's cutting-edge DAC technology, the headphone output offers up to 124dB of headroom so you can always hear yourself loud and clear.

Synergy Core Effects Collection

Equipped with powerful DSP and FPGA chips, the Axino Synergy Core allows you to record and monitor using powerful Synergy Core Effects plug-ins in real-time with less than 1ms of latency. Get started with 10 popular Synergy Core effects, designed to help you quickly dial in professional vocal sounds. Choose from a variety of classic analog-modeled plug-ins, as well as a variety of versatile plug-ins from Antelope Audio.

VEQ-55A (3-Band EQ / HPF / LPF): Modeled after a classic American EQ from the 60s.

BAE-1073 (3-Band EQ / HPF): Modeled after the actual hardware components which made the original from the 70s a go-to for producers.

BAE-1073MP (Mic / Line Preamp): Modeled after one of the most famous mic preamps in the world, that defined the sound of classic rock.

FET-A76 (FET Compressor / Limiting Amplifier): Modeled after a vintage FET compressor knock for its ability to add punch and presence to any signal.

OPTO 2A (Tube Optical Compressor / Limiter): Modeled after a classic optical compressor from the 50s.

GYRAF GYRATEC IX (Dual Tube Mic Preamp with HPF): Part of the Gyraf Audio collection, the G9 is one of the most versatile and easy to control mic preamps in the Synergy Core library.

MASTER DE-ESSER (De-Esser): Effective against any artifacts which might have occurred due to over-compression, improper miking or individual voice specifics.

POWERGATE (Noise Gate): Remove audio from sources with unwanted background or ground noise.

POWEREX (Expander): A versatile expander with limitless sound shaping options.

AURAVERB (Reverb): Add depth and ambience to your recordings or headphone mix.

Want even more power? You can expand your virtual studio with over 80 additional Synergy Core plug-ins, including EQs, dynamics processors, preamps, reverbs and even guitar amps, cabs and pedals!

The Ultimate Solution For Creators

With the Axino Synergy Core recording system, all you need is a laptop and a pair of headphones to capture professional-quality recordings. Ideal for content creators and musicians who record themselves, the Axino Synergy Core makes it easy to record voice-overs, podcasts, or even livestream with studio-quality sound.

Here's the bottom line: the Axino Synergy Core is a portable, all-in-one recording system that combines a versatile large-diaphragm microphone, 18 classic microphone emulations, 10 world-class effects and a fully-functional four-channel USB audio interface into a compact, affordable package. What's not to love?

Whit FinebergIf you are interested in purchasing the Antelope Audio Axino Synergy Core, we're here to help! Please contact a Vintage King Audio Consultant via email or by phone at 866.644.0160.