While there are many pro audio brands creating microphones for a wide array of applications, sometimes you need something that is specifically designed for a certain sound source. Remic Microphones specializes in creating mics that work for a number of classical instruments including violin, cello, double bass, brass and woodwinds.

Throughout this Buyer's Guide, we'll be breaking down Remic Microphones product offerings and explaining the differences between the various model numbers. Before we get into it, let's talk about the history of Remic and how the brand got its start creating tools for capturing classical instruments in both the studio and live settings.

The History And Technology Of Remic Microphones

Established in 1996, Remic Microphones strives to achieve one very specific goal: To design and create high-quality mics made especially for classical instruments. Offering innovative designs that mount seamlessly, the Denmark-based company has made a name for itself by building exceptional-sounding mics that have a compact footprint and are easy to use.

The designers at Remic Microphones have worked with instrument builders, artists and sound technicians to refine their designs. In doing this, they have mapped out how each instrument creates, amplifies and distributes its sound. From there, Remic has created a solution for each instrument based on a few key ingredients, including a high definition precision condenser microphone element with a DBC (Direct Balanced Cartridge), SAM (Soundboard Area Microphone) and ACB (Acoustic Channel Bridging).

Remic Microphones for Violin

Remic V520 Classic

Offering great value in a small form factor, the V520 Classic is an excellent option for those wanting to record violin at home or perform live in indoor venues. Mounted under the fingerboard, the V520 picks up a clear, detailed tone from your violin and offers great gain before feedback. At a surprisingly affordable price, the V520 sounds high-end without breaking the bank.

Remic V5200

The V5200 is an extremely accurate option for violin miking, as it delivers an open, detailed sound from the instrument while providing a great transient response. Those wanting crisp, natural, and lush sounding violin tracks will find the V5200 to be a perfect fit. This compact condenser mounts without a clip, ensuring undisturbed access to all parts of the instrument. A built-in windshield comes standard on the V5200, ensuring the rejection of wind noise for outdoor performance scenarios.

Remic V5200-WLM

For wireless applications, the V5200-WLM offers the same basic principles that make its standard counterpart so brilliant, while adding the ability to connect to selected Shure and Sennheiser wireless systems. Allocated for the lack of provided phantom power on wireless belt packs, the TA5M connector supports systems with unbalanced input circuits. With the same recognizable clarity and resolution found in the standard V5200, the WLM makes for a great option in scenarios where high-quality sound is needed and free movement is a must.

Remic V5200LB

For those wanting excellent violin sound while working in scenarios with high gain and SPL will find the V5200LB to be the solution. This mic offers a similar detailed, clear sound to the V5200, but with better rejection of ambient noise, making it great for live use in more extreme settings. This version of the V5200 delivers a drier, more focused sound than the original and promises greater feedback suppression. There is also a wireless version dubbed the V5200LB-WLM.

Remic Microphones for Viola

Remic B521 Classic

Offered as a part of the budget-friendly Classic line, the B521 is hard to beat for the money. Capturing an honest, precise tone with ease, this mic mounts right to the viola without the need for fastening clips. With impressive gain before feedback levels and a nice moderate level of room noise suppression, the B521 Classic will capture excellent recordings of your viola.

Remic B5201/B5201LB

Exceptional performance and depth come standard with the B5201 Viola mic. Its body-mounted design and high end condenser sound make for both a convenient experience and a crystal clear tone. Its suppression of neighboring players and unwanted noise makes it a great choice for full orchestras or complex ensembles. For even better performance in loud scenarios, go for the high SPL optimized B5201LB. There are also wireless options of each microphone dubbed the B5201-WLM and the B201LB-WLM.

Remic Microphones for Cello

Remic C530 Classic

A great option for recording a cello’s tone with detail, the C530 Classic offers a clean, precise sound that lends itself well to studio applications. Great suppression of feedback without need for windscreen means this mic is a good fit in indoor applications where the wind is not a factor. With its small, high definition condenser like the rest of the Remic line, the C530 attaches to your instrument without need for clips or clamps. It has a knack for capturing the natural, open sound and packs a ton of features into an affordable package.

Remic C5300

With crystal clear definition and fast transient response, the C5300 offers a lush, open sound. Mounting to your cello’s body with ease, this mic delivers a premium sounding condenser tone while staying both practical and reasonably priced. There is moderate suppression of ambient noise and other musicians, which means that the C5300 will have no problem playing in ensemble scenarios or with full symphony orchestras.

Remic C5300 WLM

Just like the V5200’s WLM offering, the C5300-WLM takes the features and quality you’re accustomed to in the C5300 and adds the ability to function with wireless belt pack systems. A TA5M connector is supplied to allow for connection to a variety of transmitters, and the mic is wired to support unbalanced input circuits with BIAS voltages of 3-8 volts. The same great condenser sound comes easy to your cello, in addition to the added flexibility of a wireless system is standard here.

Remic C5300LB

For higher SPL settings, the C5300LB is ideal. This mic’s tonality is every bit as sweet as the C5300, but is equipped to stand up to the loudest of performance settings. With upgraded rejection of ambient noise, the LB version offers a better gain before feedback. Those playing in louder spaces will find the C5300LB to deliver an excellent, focused result. There is also a wireless version of this microphone called the C5300LB-WLM.

Remic Microphones For Double Bass

Remic D540 Classic

As with the rest of the Classic Series, the D540 Classic delivers remarkable bang for buck with its pro-level performance and sweet sound. When compared to competitors, the D540 offers a superior gain before feedback level. This condenser mic nails the little details of your sound, and just like the others, no clamp or clip is needed to mount. Perfect for recording double bass!

Remic D5400 / D5400LB

With exceptional accuracy, the D5400 delivers precise sound and great response to transients, creating a large, open sonic image. A built-in windshield drastically reduces unwanted ambience and room noise, and an easy mounting under the bridge makes for convenience. For high-end sound on double bass, the D5400 is hard to beat. Choose the LB version for optimized performance in live scenarios with stronger SPL tolerance and more suppression of surrounding sounds. There are wireless versions of both of these microphones with the D5400-WLM and D5400LB-WLM.

Remic D5401 / D5401LB

With the same components found in the D5400, the D5401 is modified for better performance and mounting on the concerto bass. Attach the mic directly between the fingerboard and body of the bass, and get right to work! The same ambience rejection is featured in the D5401 as with the rest of the Remic options, and the sound quality makes it immediately recognizable. Pick the D5401LB variant for higher volume tasks that require more comprehensive noise rejection. Remic has also created wireless versions of both of these mics including the D5401-WLM and D5401LB-WLM.

Remic Microphones for Brass/Woodwinds

Remic W3000 G1

A fantastic choice on either woodwind or brass instruments, the W3000 G1 attaches with ease to the bell of your instrument and imparts a brilliant, naturalistic sound. Great suppression of ambient noise make this mic a practical choice, and the included high quality Mogami cable allows for secure connection without restricted movement. Much like the rest of the Remic line, W3000 captures the tone of your instrument with great integrity and depth, all while suppressing unwanted ambient noise.

Remic W3000 G1/WLM

For even more flexibility, the W3000 G1/WLM comes optimized for wireless systems. The TA5M connector comes standard here, allowing you to connect to Shure and Sennheiser belt packs, as well as standard XLR. The mic itself remains unchanged, delivering top notch detail of sound.

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