Solid State Logic has just announced the new UF8 ($1,299), which is an innovative and scalable control surface that puts the power of your DAW at your fingertips. The brand's signature workflow and ergonomics are more affordable than ever and can fit right onto your desktop or in the center section of your Origin console. More on that in a minute.

To get the scoop on the UF8 control surface, we went straight to the source. Watch below as Vintage King's Dustin McLaughlin chats with Solid State Logic's Vice President of Music Products Fadi Hayek and we get a complete overview of the control surface and how it will fit into the workflow of the studio.



At the heart of the UF8 are eight sturdy motorized, touch-sensitive faders for adjusting levels and writing automation. With a rugged, durable design, these faders are built to withstand daily use in the most demanding scenarios. Dedicated soft-feel rubber buttons for Solo, Cut, and Select next to each fader make it easy to monitor your preferred tracks.

Each channel also features a versatile endless rotary encoder knob for navigating sub-menus, adjusting pan positions, tweaking plug-in settings, and more. Each encoder offers push-button functionality for added control. Additionally, a large multi-purpose master encoder allows navigation of DAW sessions, track scrolling, and mouse wheel emulation for full tactile control.

UF8 is also equipped with eight TFT LCD high-resolution displays for viewing session track names and pan positions, as well as a dedicated LED level meter for each track. Best of all, each display is completely customizable.


The SSL UF8 is compatible with all of your favorite DAWs, including Avid Pro Tools, Apple Logic Pro X, Steinberg Cubase and Nuendo, Presonus Studio One, Ableton Live, and more. Ideal for producers and post-production professionals, UF8 can control up to three DAWs simultaneously, enabling you to jump back and forth between multiple sessions. Control synths and virtual instruments in one DAW, recording and mixing in another, and sync to video footage in a third.

When working with Pro Tools, UF8 communications via HUI. Proprietary SSL software provides further workflow enhancements and additional features such as CHANNEL and PLUG-IN Mode. When working with Logic, Cubase, Studio One, and Live, UF8 communicates via MCU.

Looking for even more control? Expand your set-up and connect up to four UF8 control surfaces for a massive 32-channel controller. UF8 is also compatible with the SSL ORIGIN console, so you can swap out the modular center section of your desk for even more control!


The new SSL UF8 control surface gives you complete control over your creative workflow. A large multi-purpose notched encoder allows you to effortlessly scroll through your DAW timeline and scroll through track banks without ever having to reach for your mouse. It even emulates mouse wheel scrolling for advanced functionality.

Customize UF8 even further with dedicated controls for assigning your favorite keyboard shortcuts and macros. Effortlessly navigate any session with five programmable soft keys, eight insert/send softkeys, and dedicated controls for automation and transport. Connect up to two assignable footswitches for even more customization.


Featuring an all-metal enclosure finished with a brushed, anodized top plate, SSL UF8 is tough enough to withstand extensive use—and look good doing it. With a sleek, industrial design UF8 sure to become the centerpiece of your studio. The included adjustable stand allows you to position UF8 to suit any workflow. And with an optional 19" 6U rackmount kit, you can take UF8 with you anywhere you go.


UF8 connects directly to your computer via high-speed USB with no need for clunky computer networks or ethernet cables. The system is controlled by the new SSL 360° Software application, which enables you to configure UF8 for any DAW. Just drag and drop to define user keys, program key commands, or even configure multiple UF8 controllers.

The top row of user keys has five banks of eight, which can all be labeled in the top zone of the TFT displays. Best of all, the SSL 360° software will automatically save any changes you make. It also manages and controls any available software/firmware updates, directly from the app.


SSL's UF8 is one of the most versatile control surfaces on the market. Whether you're looking for more integrated control with your large-format console or simply want a more tactile workflow in your home studio, UF8 is the perfect solution.

Ideal for music producers, recording engineers, and post-production professionals, the new UF8 control surface offers a wide range of customizable controls. No matter what type of project you’re working on, the new SSL UF8 helps streamline your workflow so you can spend less time clicking and more time creating.

Josh ColbyIf you have questions about the SSL UF8 control surface or would like to purchase one for your studio, we're here to help! Please contact a Vintage King Audio Consultant via email or by phone at 866.644.0160.