Detroit-based techno pioneer Carl Craig believes that to come out of the Motor City you need to be powerful. This statement not only applies to the town's musical exports, but to the pro audio creations being built here by the likes of Mesanovic.

"I'm really proud of Deni [Mesanovic] for coming up with a great speaker," says Carl of the new Mesanovic RTM10 monitor. "I'm ready for his speaker to impact the world in the same way that Detroit music has impacted the world."

While Mesanovic put its name on the map by creating incredible ribbon microphones, owner/designer Deni Mesanovic continues to evolve his product offerings. In July 2020, he released the RTM10, which features a 3-way active DSP design with pure aluminum ribbon tweeter, ultra-low distortion aluminum midrange driver, and a high excursion aluminum subwoofer.

"The RTM10s help me judge the low end of my mixes more consistently," Carl says. " I can get the vibe I really need for the kind of music I make and find that the RTM10s are true to the sound. What I’ve always needed in a speaker is one that is honest."

Watch below as Carl Craig talks in-depth about his love for the Mesanovic RTM10, hearing the true low end in the studio and the importance of monitors. Continue on after to watch our classic Make Your Mark interview with Carl.


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