A new microphone will have your clients feeling thankful for how great you make them sound! From vintage recreations to modern designs, we have a wide range of microphones that can help fill out your studio's mic locker.

Peluso Lab 22 47 SE
The Neumann U47 is one of the most highly regarded tube microphones of all time. That’s why they cost $8K (twice that if you want a vintage one), but the 22 47 SE from Peluso Lab is a near-identical recreation at a shockingly affordable price.

The 22 47 SE is known for its clear sound, while capturing the low frequency nuances of the original U-47. It has a smooth mid range and balanced high end. Sounds great on male and female vocals, acoustic guitar and horns.

SE Electronics SE4400A
The SE4400A is surprisingly versatile. Modeled after the AKG C414 of yesteryear, these workhorse mics feature four pickup patterns, two roll-offs and two pads. It's perfect for home studios looking for that all-around mic to add to their mic collection. Sounds great on all things stringed — acoustic guitar, piano and violin/viola.

Sennheiser MD 421 II
The Sennheiser MD 421 is a staple in any mic locker. This large diaphragm dynamic mic has a directional cardioid response and a five point bass roll-off switch. This makes it great for beefing up a vocal without adding any muddiness. It sounds particularly great on an electric guitar when paired with a Shure SM57. Commonly used on bass, drums (especially toms and percussion), and brass.

Aston Origin
Aston believes in the art of performance and their mics show it. The Origin is built like a boutique microphone, using hand-selected capsules, high-end transformers and custom capacitors.

It’s also designed to be as convenient as possible. The specialized end caps allow you to mount the mic directly to a stand with no need for a shock mount. It also features a mesh-knit pop-filter built right into the Wave-Form head. Sounds great on acoustic guitar and vocals.

Slate VMS One
The Slate VMS is a revolution in vintage hardware emulation. It’s an entire system — the ML-1 microphone was designed in tandem with the VMS-One preamp to provide an exceedingly flat output. In addition to providing a modern, refreshingly neutral sound, with the push of a button the VMS system can also emulate 8 classic microphones:

  • FG-47: Modeled after a vintage Neumann U47. Lush, warm, fat, present, and BIG sounding. Sounds great on vocals, kick, drum rooms, horns, and strings.
  • FG-800: Modeled after the Song-800. Airy, clear, and bright sounding. Sounds great on male or female vocals for pop and rock.
  • FG-251: Modeled after a vintage Telefunken ELA M251. Very balanced and flattering sound. Sounds great on vocals and room mics.
  • FG-12: Modeled after a vintage AKG C-12. Incredibly smooth and rich-sounding
  • FG-800M: Modeled after the Sony C-800G. It sounds slightly fatter and darker than the stock FG-800. Less sibilant and bright — great for rock.
  • FG-M7: Modeled after the classic dynamic Shure SM7b. Adds the tube stage of the classic 47 making it extremely punchy, and crisp, with incredible mids that cut through the mix.
  • FG-269: Modeled after a vintage Neumann m262. Shares much of the same circuit as the 67, but has a different tube that makes it more open and clear.
  • FG67: Modeled after a vintage Neumann U67. Bold, slightly dark, and thick sounding. Sounds great on vocals, room mics, horns, piano, and percussion.

Mojave MA-1000
The Mojave MA-1000 is inspired by some of the most revered microphones of all time. It was designed by David Royer, creator of the Royer R-121. It features a 251-style capsule and 5840 tubes, combining several truly iconic sounds for a brand-new classic tone. This mic sounds great on vocals, acoustic instruments, and drum overheads or rooms.

Soyuz SU-017
The SU-017 is one of those mics that sounds good on everything. With a solid, beautiful design, and a rich, warm sound, the SU-017 redefines the classic tube large diaphragm microphone. It uses a proprietary transformer, vintage tube and switchable handmade capsules to create a rich, balanced sound with an open top end.

The stock capsule in the SU-017 uses a cardioid pickup pattern. But, there are optional omni-directional and figure 8 pattern capsules available as well. The SU-017 has quickly become the go-to vocal microphone of such artists as Coldplay, Radiohead, Shawn Mendes, the Lumineers and Paramore.

Bock Audio 251
The Telefunken ELA M 251 is highly regarded as one of the greatest microphones of all time. It’s also 50 years old, and costs $50,000, so… David Bock saw how impossible it was for some engineers to get “that sound.” Until now.

Bock Audio 251 uses a proprietary handmade German capsule, a proprietary hand wound multi-sectioned audio transformer, a NOS tube in the mic amplifier, a hand-built outboard power supply and a custom low capacitance audio cable. Great for male or female vocals, stringed instruments and room mics.

Microtech Gefell M300
The M300 may be the only small diaphragm condenser on the list, but it packs just as much punch as the others. It’s smooth, brilliant top end and wide dynamic range make it great for vocals, drum overheads and stringed instruments. Also available in a stereo set!

Wunder Audio CM7 GS
The Wunder Audio CM7 is a Neumann U47 clone with some pretty spiffy modern additions. Such as a switchable cardioid mode that produces a smoother, more full-bodied sound. It also features the eight different polar patterns found in a vintage Neumann M49, so you’re getting all kinds of vintage vibes from this mic. The CM7 GS Suprema Microphone can also be ordered either with K47 or M7 capsule for even more tonal customization.

Flea 47 Superfet
The 47 Superfet is a solid state model of the iconic Neumann U47 tube mic. It offers a similar sound character as the tube 47 version, with all the benefits of FET technology. Such as higher signal to noise ratio, and better durability. It also includes two switchable polar patterns, Omni and Cardioid. Sounds great on just about every source from drums, bass, acoustic instruments, to vocals.

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