Since so many of us are cooped up inside, Focusrite Pro thought this was the perfect time to do a livestream. During the At Home, At Home event this past Thursday, the brand showcased its expansive range of gear and gave working engineers the floor to talk about how they use it in their studios.

Producer and engineer Garth Richardson (Red Hot Chilli Peppers / Rage Against The Machine) talked specifically about how he transitioned into a home studio set-up with a RedNet-powered rig. There was also a panel discussion featuring world-class mix engineers Rob Burrell and Steve Genewick discussing how they are mixing for Dolby Atmos in their home studio spaces.

Additionally, Focusrite Pro took the time to further breakdown its latest releases. Back in October, the brand released the RedNet R1 desktop remote controller, the Red 8Line interface, the RedNet A16R MKII analog interface, and the RedNet D16R MK II digital interface.

Even if you missed the initial At Home, At Home livestream, you can still catch the event in its entirety below:

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