Sure, the day of Black Friday has come and gone, but we don't subscribe to those rules around here. Vintage King's Black Friday Sale continues through Monday, December 7th, and we have plenty of ways for you to save throughout the next week.

If you've been looking for something new for your microphone locker, you've come to the right place. We've got massive savings on our most popular microphone brands including Antelope Audio, Slate Digital, Manley Labs, Gefell, Royer, and more. Check out our list of what's on sale below and meet some of our favorite microphones.

Save Up To $996 On Antelope Audio Modeling Microphones
Microphone Spotlight: Antelope Audio Edge Quadro Modeling Microphone
The Antelope Audio Edge Quadro modeling microphone is one of the most versatile mics on the market. In addition to modeling some of the most iconic microphones ever released, it also features two large dual-membrane capsules and a rotating head. With four dedicated outputs, the Edge Quadro opens up a whole new world of possibilities for stereo, M/S, X/Y, Blumlein, and even 3D audio recordings. Choose between cardioid, bi-directional and omni pickup patterns for a wide range of tonal options. With 6-micron gold-sputtered dual-membranes, a low-resonance body and low-reflection headbasket, Edge Quatro delivers hyper-accurate recordings in any setting.

Save 10% On Select FLEA Microphones (Deal Ends 12/7/2020)
Microphone Spotlight: FLEA Microphones 47 w/ F7 Capsule
Inspired by the legendary Neumann U47 FET microphone, the Flea 47 offers silky-smooth vintage tones. Featuring hyper-accurate recreations of the original M7 capsule, BV8 transformer and Telefunken EF12 tube, the Flea 47 offers the same classic sound as the original for a fraction of the price. With a nickel-plated duraluminium body and a sleek chrome or nickel finish, the Flea 47 stands up to the competition in both sound and appearance. Also includes a custom wood box, cable, shock mount and power supply, available in both modern and vintage style.

Save Up To 35% On Select Lauten Microphones (Deal Ends 12/16/2020)
Microphone Spotlight: Lauten Eden LT-386
The Lauten Eden LT-386 is a versatile condenser tube microphone capable of delivering a wide range of sounds. Custom multi-voicing circuitry enables you to choose from three distinct sound signatures. The Gentle setting is inspired by the dark, warm sound of classic vintage tube mics. The Forward setting offers a present, modern sound that's in your face but never harsh. And the Neutral setting is somewhere in between, perfect for capturing instruments exactly as they sound in the room. The LT-386 also offers variable harmonic sound shaping. Choose the Hard setting for a more focused sound that pairs well with the Forward setting. The Soft setting cuts the low-mids and boosts the high-end to add clarity, which works well to balance the Gentle setting.

Save $404 On The Manley Labs Silver Reference Microphone (Deal Ends 12/31/2020)
Microphone Spotlight: Manley Silver Reference Microphone
You can't go wrong with a Manley. One of the most sought-after mics in modern production, the Manley Reference series has become a staple in professional recording studios all around the world. Inspired by the beloved Sony C-37A, the Manley Reference Silver Microphone delivers a rich, creamy sound that works great on almost any source. With a high-quality 5670 vacuum tube and Manley IRON transformers, the Manley Silver Reference mic sounds dark and moody, and works well in situations where you would traditionally use a ribbon mic. It's a must for vocals, brass, and percussion.

Save 10% On Microtech Gefell Microphones (Deal Ends 12/7/2020)
Microphone Spotlight: Microtech Gefell M930 Stereo Set
Ideal for stereo and ensemble recordings, the Gefell M930 Stereo Set features a matched pair of Gefell M930 cardioid condenser microphones, two standard mic clips, and a custom stereo bar for XY and ORTF recordings, all packaged in a rugged aluminum case. With low self-noise and an impressive dynamic range, the Gefell M930 delivers exceptional sonic performance in any scenario.

Save 10% On Peluso Microphone Lab (Deal Ends 12/7/2020)
Microphone Spotlight: Peluso Microphone Lab P-414
The Peluso P-414 is a large-diaphragm condenser microphone that captures the vintage vibe of the original AKG C414 EB from 1976. With a precision-made large-diaphragm brass capsule (modeled after the original CK12), the P-414 delivers a detailed mid-range and shimmering high-end. But, the P-414 isn't just another vintage clone. This mic is equipped with state-of-the-art components to ensure very low self-noise, including a custom transformer output to reduce distortion.

Save 10% On Select Royer Labs Microphones, Slingshots, and dboosters (Deal Ends 12/6/2020)
Microphone Spotlight: Royer Labs R-122V
The Royer Labs R-122V takes the classic Royer ribbon design to a whole new level with a built-in vacuum tube circuit and military-grade components. This limited-run mic utilizes the same large-ribbon transducer as the beloved R-121 and R-122 Active Ribbon microphones for a smooth, balanced sound. Additionally, the R-122V is about 25dB hotter than its active counterparts and is designed to withstand high SPL levels. Finally, you can get the dark, vintage tone of a ribbon mic on a kick, snare or guitar amp without fear of frying the electronics.

Save $300 On The Slate Digital ML-1 Modeling Microphone (Deal Ends 12/4/2020)
Microphone Spotlight: Slate Digital ML-1
The ML-1 large diaphragm modeling microphone is designed to deliver a flat and neutral sound with excellent transient response, and a wide frequency response. Paired with software from Slate Digital, you can transform those tracks into sonic masterpieces with lush, vintage, and warm tube mic emulations like the FG-44 based on the classic ribbon mic, or the FG-49 modeled after the famous German tube mic.

Save 10% On Stager Microphones (Deal Ends 12/7/2020)
Microphone Spotlight: Stager SR-2N
Sometimes, the look and sound of a microphone can inspire a once-in-a-lifetime performance. The Stager Microphones SR-2N is a passive ribbon mic with a classic vintage design. Equipped with a custom ribbon and toroidal output transformer, the SR-2N delivers incredible low-frequency response with a neutral midrange and a gentle high-frequency roll-off. Ideal for vocals, percussion, and other bright sound sources, the SR-2N offers impressive transient response with impeccable clarity and detail. Best of all, the SR-2N features an inviting all-metal design, inspired by classic mics from the golden era of analog recording.

Save Up To $100 On Select Warm Audio Microphones (Deal Ends 12/31/2020)
Microphone Spotlight: Warm Audio WA-47
For some engineers, the Neumann U47 is the holy grail of microphone designs. Warm Audio takes this beloved design to a whole new level with the WA-47. Featuring a Slovak Republic JJ 5751 vacuum tube, an American-made TAB-Funkenwerk (AMI) USA transformer, and custom polystyrene coupling capacitors, the WA-47 brings the sound of the original U47 into the 21st century. With a rich low-end and brilliant highs, the WA-47 sounds great on just about anything—from vocals and guitar to drums and bass or even piano and strings.

Save 10% On Wunder Audio Microphones
Microphone Spotlight: Wunder Audio CM7 S
Also inspired by the Neumann U47, the Wunder Audio CM7 S offers a nearly part-for-part recreation of this classic condenser design. Equipped with a precision-made M7 capsule modeled after the vintage Berlin M7 design, the CM7 S delivers the same silky smooth sound as the original U47. Paired with an NOS Telefunken EF14 tube, a Suprema Silver Gold Oil capacitor and a custom transformer modeled after the exceedingly rare early “Large Badge” U47s, the CM7 S is one of the most accurate U47 clones ever made. The one difference is an upgraded power supply, which offers clean and stable DC power and shields your signal from Wi-Fi and RF interference.

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