Cyber Monday has become a huge deal for music makers, as it offers them a chance to save on the best plug-ins and software around. This year at Vintage King, you don't need to wait for Cyber Monday. You can get started saving right now!

That's right, Vintage King's Black Friday Sale has already kicked off and we have plug-ins and software on sale from over 25 different brands. Whether you are in need of a new subscription to your favorite DAW, a hot compressor plug-in for your mix bus, or some virtual instruments, we've got you covered. Continue below to see what's on sale.

Save Up To 20% Off Select Avid Software (Deal Ends 12/7/2020)
Software Spotlight: Avid Pro Tools | Ultimate - One Year Subscription
It's undeniable how essential Avid's Pro Tools is when it comes to working in the studio. After all, the DAW has become an industry standard. Pro Tools enables engineers in recording studios, post-production houses, and broadcast facilities to use a super intuitive format for recording, mixing, and beyond. Pro Tools | Ultimate is the best version of the software yet, allowing creators to work with up to 384 simultaneous voices/audio tracks and 1024 MIDI tracks.

Get Up To Three Free Universal Audio Plug-Ins During 12 Days Of UAD (Deal Ends 11/30/2020)
Software Spotlight: Universal Audio Custom Plug-In Bundles
Plug-in bundles are always the best way to save on Universal Audio plug-ins, but during the 12 Days Of UAD sale, you can get even more with your purchase! When you buy select custom UAD plug-in bundles from Vintage King, you'll receive up to three free plug-ins with your purchase. Here's the breakdown of how it works: Buy a Custom 3 Plug-In Bundle (Get One Free Plug-In), buy a Custom 6 Plug-In Bundle (Get Two Free Plug-Ins), or buy a Custom 10 Plug-In Bundle (Get Three Free Plug-Ins).

Save Up To $847 On iZotope Software (Deal Ends 12/8/2020)
Software Spotlight: iZotope Holiday Bundle
iZotope’s Holiday Bundle combines a powerful blend of audio editing and sound design software at an unbeatable price. Taking your creative studio workflow to the next level with Elements Suite, Trash 2, Iris 2, R2, Excalibur, and PhoenixVerb.

Save Up To $100 On Steven Slate Audio (Deal Ends 12/1/2020) And $200 On Slate Digital Classic Tubes 3 (Deal Ends 1/2/2021)
Software Spotlight: Slate Digital Classic Tubes 3
The unmistakable, warm vintage tone of classic German microphones is waiting for you in the Slate Classic Tubes 3 expansion pack. Classic Tubes 3 is a mic modeling plugin featuring recreations of the sought after sounds in the microphone industry. Slate Digital, praised for their top-notch plugins and unique studio hardware, empowers recording enthusiasts with the best sound you can get “in the box.”

Save Up To $5299 On Waves Audio Plug-Ins
Software Spotlight: Waves Diamond Bundle
The Waves Diamond Bundle is the most comprehensive collection of digital audio processing tools available. This bundle includes 73 powerful audio plug-ins for anything and everything, we're talking mixing, mastering, live sound, audio restoration, and sound design. The Waves Diamond Bundle is a necessity for audio professionals who carry out a high variety of projects. 

Save Up To 77% On McDSP Plug-Ins (Deal Ends 1/11/2021)
Software Spotlight: McDSP 6020 Ultimate EQ v6
If you want to incorporate a wider range of EQ modules, the McDSP 6020 Ultimate EQ Native v6 has plenty to work with. These EQ emulations are inspired by classic and modern equalizers, some of which are quite rare. McDSP designed these EQ plug-ins for easy operation, precise processing, and ultra low latency.

Save Up To 67% On EastWest Virtual Instruments (Deal Ends 1/5/2021)
Software Spotlight: EastWest Quantum Leap Platinum Piano Bundle
The EastWest Quantum Leap Platinum Piano Bundle includes an amazing library (270 GB) of sound from four of the world's finest grand pianos: a Bechstein D-280, Steinway D, Bösendorfer 290, and Yamaha C7. These pianos were recorded at EASTWEST STUDIOS using three different mic positions for each model. You get plenty of modifiable parameters and ways to change the articulation. The software can function in plug-in or standalone mode.

Save Up To $122 On Select Output Samples And Virtual Instruments (Deal Ends 12/6/2020)
Software Spotlight: Output Analog Strings
Output has been releasing some extremely awesome music software, virtual instruments, and sample packs. The brand's Analog Strings virtual instrument gives all levels of music creators the chance to harness the power of two string orchestras, some rare vintage synths, and a few unique elements that are best served for sound design.

Save Up To $270 On Select Soundtoys Plug-ins
Software Spotlight: Soundtoys Little Alterboy 5

The Little Alterboy 5 from Soundtoys is a favorite of Vintage King customers for its dramatic voice alteration sounds. Get crazy robotic sounds by locking down on one key or use a MIDI keyboard to get a vocoder sound on your next vocal track. The choice is yours and yours alone.

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