Pope Audio might be a new name to the pro audio world, but its founder Adam Pope has been working in the trenches for decades. He has spent years fixing pro audio gear and is now releasing his own take on a classic EQ design.

The BAX2020 EQ And Drive utilizes a Baxandall EQ circuit, a design that was originally developed by Peter Baxandall in the early 1950s. What's the difference between a Baxandall EQ and traditional EQ? It's simple. While traditional EQs feature a fast rise above a set frequency, Baxandall EQs employ a gently rising slope that makes for a more natural sound.

Developed for the 500 Series format, each BAX2020 features Hi and Lo frequency gain controls. This makes dialing in your ideal sound extremely easy. There is also a button that allows for hard bypass when you don't want to use the EQ. With all this being said, there are four different options, each of which will give you a bit of a different vibe. Here's a quick breakdown of what each version features:

Pope Audio BAX2020 Classic: Features a GAR2520 DOA on the input stage, which will give you some added flavor. This opamp has been designed by Gary Barnett to sound like the legendary 2520.

Pope Audio BAX2020 Extra: Features a GAR2520 DOA on both the input and output stage.

Pope Audio BAX2020+: Your choice of either a HairBall JE-990 (Based on the Jensen JE-990), Avedis 1122 (Designed by Avedis Kifedjian and used in Brent Averil's 312A mic pre), or JHardy 990C (The original Jensen JE-990 design) opamp on the input stage.

Pope Audio BAX2020 Beast: Customize your BAX2020 with the opamp of your choice on both the input and output stage. You can mix and match your options with the HairBall JE-990, Avedis 1122, and JHardy 990C.

Enough talk, let's listen! In our new Quick Hits video, we took a pair of BAX2020 Classic modules into the studio so that you could hear the impact on different sound sources. Watch below to hear them used on vocals, drums, acoustic guitar, and an entire mix.

Josh FrostIf you'd like to purchase the Pope Audio BAX2020 Classic or have questions about any gear, we're here to help! Please contact a Vintage King Audio Consultant via email or by phone at 866.644.0160.