While AES 2020 may only exist online this year, gear manufacturers continue to launch new products during the weeks surrounding the annual show. The latest release this October comes by way of Cranborne Audio, a new upstart in the world of pro audio.

Cranborne Audio has quickly planted its flag with the incredible Camden 500 preamp and 500 Series rack/interface. For the brand's new Camden EC1, the award-winning design of its flagship mic pre has been put into a desktop chassis with some extra features. Before we get too far into the extras, let's talk about the preamp.

In the modern recording studio, engineers need a wide variety of tools to tackle any project that may come their way. The Camden EC1's mic preamp is one of the most versatile around and will cover several tonal needs. On the one hand, this thing can capture pristine audio with the greatest of ease. Need to make a sound source dirty? Cranborne's got something for that too.

With the aptly named Mojo knob, you'll be able to dial in some vintage-sounding color. This is where things get interesting as the knob has a toggle switch that allows you to choose between Thump and Cream. Slamming the Mojo knob on the Thump setting targets your low end with added warmth and sustain. If you choose Cream, you'll get some gooey transient goodness with amazing overdrive.

Cranborne Audio takes the Camden EC1 beyond being just another desktop mic pre by adding a reference-quality headphone amplifier and 4-channel line mixer. This enables you to monitor your tone closely while you're plugged in or create a headphone mix with the preamp and playback from your DAW via Stereo Aux and Mono Ext Line Inputs.

Speaking of I/O, the Camden EC1 offers a lot of different options. The mic preamp/headphone amplifier features a C.A.S.T system which allows you to send audio using Cat 5e, Cat 6, and Cat7. In addition, there are XLR outputs, impedance balanced 1/4" jack outputs with 10dB pad, and a Link output for DI purposes.

Akane NakamuraIf you have questions about the Camden EC1 or would like to purchase any gear from Cranborne Audio, we're here to help! Please contact a Vintage King Audio Consultant via email or by phone at 866.644.0160.