Kali Audio makes professional loudspeakers and accessories that offer class-leading sound at affordable prices. Founded in 2018, the brand quickly made a name for themselves with their popular LP Series speakers, and have since released a number of innovative products that fit into any budget.In this Buyer’s Guide, we’ll be breaking down the differences between Kali Audio's different monitor series and explaining the technology used. Continue on to learn more about the LP Series monitors, the IN-8 and IN-5, the WS-12 subwoofer and the Kali MV-BT Bluetooth monitor controller.

Kali Audio Studio Monitors And Subwoofers

Kali Audio Lone Pine Monitors

The Lone Pine series of loudspeakers deliver transparent, accurate sound at a price that won’t break the bank. The LP-8 and LP-6 (also available in white) offer an exceptionally flat frequency response so you can hear every detail that's happening in your mix. Thanks to the neutral sound of the LP Series, you can rest assured that your mix will translate to any system.

Don’t let their size fool you — even though LP Series loudspeakers are compact, they provide impressive power output. With an 80 W Class D power amp, the LP-6 is ideal for home studios and small commercial spaces, while the 100 W LP-8 pumps out enough power for mid-sized facilities.

LP Series loudspeakers utilize large diameter dual-later voice coils to deliver deep, rich, powerful bass with minimal distortion and high dynamic range. Both models use 40 W for the 1” soft dome tweeter. The LP-6 uses 40 W for the 6.5-inch woofer, and the LP-8 uses 60 W for the 8-Inch woofer.

Groundbreaking 3-D imaging waveguide technology ensures smooth sound from any listening position, enabling you to hear every detail of your mix and making it easier to make critical mix decisions. LP Series speakers also feature a front-side low-noise port tube. Unlike traditional front-facing ports, which can distract from the accuracy of the speaker, this innovative design helps eliminate “chuffing” for a clean, tight bass response.

Best of all, LP Series loudspeakers are easy to set up in any space. Dedicated boundary EQ controls make it easy to dial in the right sound in small spaces. With dedicated boundary compensation EQ settings, you can easily shape the sound of your speakers to accommodate reflections caused by hard surfaces like walls, desktops, and recording consoles. Plus, LP Series loudspeakers feature XLR, TRS, and RCA input jacks for connecting all of your favorite devices.

Kali Audio IN-8 Studio Monitors

The Kali IN-8 is a revolutionary studio monitor that combines the same woofer and tweeter used in the beloved LP Series with an innovative coaxial midrange driver, delivering more transparency, lower distortion, and an impressive soundstage.

This three-way design utilizes a new midrange driver that surrounds the tweeter, acting as a waveguide to prevent distortion and improve clarity. This groundbreaking design makes the IN-8 an acoustic point source, effectively eliminating problems when listening off-axis for a hyper-realistic sound stage anywhere in the room.

This advanced three-way design enables the IN-8 to produce crystal-clear sound with minimal distortion. By adding a third midrange driver, it allows the woofer to focus on frequencies below 330 Hz, while the tweeter focuses on frequencies above 3 kHz, producing an even, balanced soundstage across the entire spectrum. Plus, with an impressive 140 W Class D amplifier, the IN-8 has enough power to fill up mid-sized or large spaces.

The IN-8 also features the same versatile EQ controls as the LP Series, enabling you to shape the sound of your speakers to suit any environment — even in small spaces where the monitors are up against a wall. Plus, the XLR, TRS and RCA connections make it easy to quickly connect the IN-8 to any analog device.

Kali Audio recently released the IN-8 V2, which makes some simple modifications to the V1 for a better listening experience. The brand has been able to reduce amplifier self noise by 12 dB, added INnatural finish driver cones and improved cabinet construction.

Kali Audio IN-5 Studio Monitors

The Kali Audio IN-5 is the second release in the IN series of monitors, allowing engineers to take advantage of the many perks of the monitors at a smaller size. Just like the renowned IN-8, the new IN-5 uses an active three-way design with a coaxial midrange driver and tweeter for hyper-realistic imaging. And with a powerful five-inch woofer, the IN-5 delivers clean, punchy bass that doesn’t disrupt the mids and highs. As part of Kali's second generation of loudspeaker products, IN-5 studio monitors utilize a new amplifier platform to minimize self-noise.

Kali Audio WS-12 Subwoofer

While the LP Series and IN-8 loudspeakers deliver plenty of bass on their own, sometimes you just need a little extra oomph. The WS-12 is a 1000W powered subwoofer for the studio or the stage. Featuring a powerful 12-inch high-excursion driver, the WS-12 is capable of delivering thundering low-end all the way down to 23 Hz.

With a maximum output of 123 dB SPL, the WS-12 is one of the most powerful subwoofers available under $1000. While the WS-12 is designed to complement any set of studio monitors, it’s optimized to work best with the LP-6, LP-8, and IN-8 monitors. You can even use the WS-12 for bass management in a 5.1 system where all of the full-range speakers are Kali IN-8s.

The WS-12 includes a number of versatile DSP controls for shaping your sound. Selectable crossovers at 20, 40, and 140 Hz make it easy to dial in the perfect amount of low-end support. Dedicated output gain controls enable easy adjustment for when the WS-12 is in the open, against a wall or in a corner. You can even quickly toggle the WS-12 on and off using an optional footswitch controller. Best of all, WS-12 is compact enough to fit in most small passenger cars, making it easy to take on any gig!

Kali Audio MV-BT Monitor Controller

Of course, no studio monitoring system is complete without a monitor controller. The Kali Audio MV-BT controller lets you use your Bluetooth devices with professional speakers, mixers, controllers, and interfaces. This super-simple device combines easy-to-use controls with high-quality connectors and high-res codecs for precise control over your sound.

Instantly pair your favorite Bluetooth devices by pressing the Kali logo on the front, or connect your analog studio monitors using the rear XLR and TRS balanced outputs. The MV-BT even features a dedicated 3.5mm aux input jack so you can quickly connect your smartphone, laptop, or mobile device. A sturdy, weighted knob provides precise control over output volume, while a sleek LED light indicates volume levels.

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