With its pulsating screen, input/output transfomers, varied control options, and unique sound, the Tegeler Audio Raumzeitmaschine has become a favorite reverb option for many engineers. One listen and you'll be hooked!

The Berlin, Germany-based brand set out to create a reverb that offered "natural surround sound." Using both analog and digital components, the Raumzeitmachine accomplishes Tegeler's goal and gives users the ability to control it via the physical unit's knobs, presets in your DAW, or the accompanying plug-in version.

In terms of defining its sound, Tegeler Audio implores you to think of the Raumzeitmachine, not as a replacement for classic studio reverbs, but as a new sonic color to paint with. The hallmarks of a natural and transparent reverb are there, but you can also go outside of the box as well.

In our new demo series, Quick Hits, we're skipping the talk and getting straight to the gear. Watch our first installment featuring the Tegeler Audio Raumzeitmaschine to get a taste of this amazing reverb on vocals, acoustic guitar, synthesizer, and drums.

Alex St. CinIf you're interested in purchasing a Tegeler Audio Raumzeitmaschine Reverb, we're here to help! Please contact a Vintage King Audio Consultant via email or by phone at 866.644.0160.