While the most recent releases from Neumann have leaned towards microphones, monitors, and headphones, the brand has announced a new piece of gear that will fit perfectly right alongside them in your studio. Meet the Neumann V 402, a dual-channel pre amp that will bring the utmost clarity to your recordings.

Neumann is certainly no stranger to building incredible preamps, as they have done so for consoles throughout their storied history. However, this is the brand's first stand-alone mic pre release, and what better to pair with an impeccable sounding Neumann microphone than a pristine preamp.

Built on the concept of a mic pre allowing a sound source to shine, the Neumann V 402 goes against coloration and noise to deliver clean vocals and instruments. It achieves this by forgoing transformers in its circuitry, both for the unit's two preamps and the two studio-quality instrument DI inputs. There is also a switchable 20 dB pad and a high pass filter to take care of unwanted noise.

The Neumann V 402 has a small, but handy monitoring section. This portion of the preamp includes a high quality, studio-grade headphone amplifier, as well as independent volume controls for each of the two on-board preamps.

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