Over the course of the past few years, Deni Mesanovic and the Mesanovic brand have become known for making some of the best ribbon microphones in pro audio. Mics like the Model 2, Model 2S, and Model 2A, give engineers a wide range of ribbons to select from, no matter whether they're looking for active, passive, or stereo options.

This week, Mesanovic has announced several new exciting pieces of gear that have been added to their product line. Not only has Mesanovic created its first small diaphragm condenser microphone named the SC1, but they've also introduced a new studio monitor and ISO platforms. Continue on below to learn more about each of these creations from Mesanovic.

Mesanovic SC1 Small Diaphragm Condenser Microphone - Stereo Pair

Mesanovic's first foray into small diaphragms is a transformerless design with low distortion, fast transient response, and a natural sound. The SC1 includes both omni and cardioid capsules, which will come in handy when recording different sound sources. Watch the videos below to hear both the omni and cardioid capsules used in stereo on acoustic guitar and piano.




Mesanovic RTM10 Studio Monitors

Mesanovic has entered the monitoring world with the RTM10, a 3-way active DSP speaker that offers a frequency range of 28Hz to 20kHz and endless dynamic range. The monitors feature a pure aluminum ribbon tweeter that is matched with a step-up tranformer similar to those featured in the brand's microphones. The RTM10's Hypex NCore Class D amplifier was chosen for its clarity and ability to pump out 650 watts of power with low distortion at all levels. This is coupled with custom DSP tuning that allows users to get a flat frequency response and perfect phase response.

Mesanovic Iso Platform

Mesanovic has designed two new Iso Platforms, one specifically for the RTM10 and another universal platform for any monitors from 40 to 110 pounds. This is an exclusive design from Deni Mesanovic that offers the ultimate decoupling and dampening solution for your speaker set up in an industrial-grade package. It does so by using your monitor's weight to load the spring system and achieve a low natural frequency, in addition to the unit's top plate which decouples high and mid frequencies.

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