Built with premium analog components, Mojave Audio microphones capture the rich, colorful sound of classic tube microphones at a fraction of the price. Revered by some of the world’s greatest engineers, these microphones have been a secret weapon for top recording studios for years.Whether you’re looking for a workhorse condenser microphone that delivers unparalleled bang-for-your-buck or need a replacement for your vintage tube mic, Mojave Audio microphones deliver professional results in any setting.

In this Buyer’s Guide, we’ll break down the differences between each microphone in the line, show off the brand's new colorways, and help you find the perfect mic for your needs.First... A bit of Mojave Audio history.

The History of Mojave Audio

Founded by David Royer in 1985, Mojave Audio is known for making high-end microphones inspired by classic studio designs. Before shifting his attention to ribbon designs, David originally built custom tube mics, preamps and compressors for pro engineers in LA.

Made using authentic Jensen transformers, military-spec new-old-stock tubes, and custom FETs, Mojave microphones are constructed with respect to David’s unprecedented attention to quality. From the premier MA-1000 tube mic to the versatile MA-50K condenser microphone, each Mojave mic is “burned in” for 24 hours, and personally tested by David to ensure quality performance.

Mojave Audio Microphones

Mojave Audio MA-37

The Mojave Audio MA-37 is a modern interpretation of the Sony C-37A, a legendary microphone known for its high headroom and ability to tame brittle high-end frequencies. The MA-37 features an EF86 tube, Lundahl transformer, and a unique mechanical approach for achieving cardioid and omnidirectional polar patterns. The circuit is based on a single-stage tube amplifier, and the hi-pass filter controls are located on the power supply, offering three options: flat (M), 100 Hz (V1), and 200 Hz (V2).

David Royer's "simple yet elegant" design philosophy is evident in the MA-37's construction, which includes a custom capsule built in California and a U-shaped shock-mount yoke to reduce low-frequency rumble. The microphone's smooth, ribbon-like sound flatters every source, from vocals and acoustic instruments to guitar amps and drums. Overall, the Mojave Audio MA-37 is a versatile and high-quality microphone that pays homage to a classic design while incorporating modern features and improvements.

Mojave Audio MA-1000

The MA-1000 is Mojave’s flagship microphone. It's a multi-pattern tube condenser mic that combines the sound of your favorite classic studio microphones with a crisp, modern top-end. Equipped with an original new-old-stock 5840 tube and a custom-designed transformer in a 251-style capsule, the MA-1000 delivers a bold yet balanced sound.

Each MA-1000 is exhaustively field tested against classic microphones costing ten-times the price to ensure unparalleled performance, reliability, and sound quality. The MA-1000 features a remote power supply with a continuously variable polar pattern selector to help you dial in the perfect amount of ambiance for any performance. On the mic itself, separate pad and bass roll-off switches make it easy to accommodate loud or bass-heavy sound sources.

Mojave Audio MA-300

The Mojave Audio MA-300 is a multi-pattern tube condenser microphone that delivers a warm, full-bodied sound often reserved for the most prized vintage microphones. Based on the best-selling MA-200 cardioid design, the MA-300 introduces a continuously variable pickup pattern selector for added versatility. A 15 dB pad and a switchable bass roll-off located on the back of the mic make it easy to capture clean, clear recordings.

At the heart of the MA-300 is a hand-selected, double diaphragm 3-micron capsule, which delivers unparalleled depth and clarity. Combined with high-quality Jensen audio transformers and military-grade JAN 5840 vacuum tubes, the MA-300 offers a thick, vintage-sounding bottom end. Top it all off with an external power supply that can be set for 115V or 230V (at 50 or 60 Hz), and it’s easy to see why so many engineers love the MA-300.

Mojave Audio MA-301FET

Inspired by classic FET studio microphones, the MA-301FET is a solid-state version of the MA-300. It features the same 3-micron gold-sputtered capsule and high-quality Jensen audio transformer as the MA-300 for an ultra-clean signal path. But the MA-301FET is equipped with a military-grade FET for a more focused and punchy sound.

In addition to the 15 dB pad and bass roll-off switches, the MA-301FET also features a three-position pickup pattern selector on the mic itself. Users can choose from cardioid, omnidirectional, or figure-eight pickup patterns to cover a wide range of recording applications.

This microphone sounds great on vocals and acoustic instruments, but the MA-301FET pairs particularly well with high-SPL sources like kick drums, guitar amps, and more.

Mojave Audio MA-200

The Mojave Audio MA-200 is the cardioid-only version of the MA-300 design. It delivers the same impressive sound with an even more attractive price tag. Ideal for recording vocals or solo acoustic instruments, the cardioid tube condenser microphone delivers rich, warm sound with none of the shrillness or artifacts associated with modern condenser microphones.

The MA-200 is equipped with the same hand-selected 3-micron capsule, high-quality Jensen audio transformers, and military-grade JAN 5840 vacuum tubes as the MA-300, and offers a streamlined feature set to ensure rock-bottom pricing.

Mojave Audio MA-201FET

The Mojave Audio MA-201FET is a streamlined version of the MA-301FET with a fixed cardioid pattern. It utilizes the same electronics as the MA-301FET with a more streamlined feature set to keep costs to a minimum. Ideal for singer-songwriters, the MA-201FET sounds great on vocals and acoustic guitars.

Mojave Audio MA-50K

The Mojave Audio MA-50K is the brand's most affordable microphone and utilizes a custom transformerless circuit designed to eliminate the inherent drawbacks of typical transformerless microphones. With class-leading sound quality, the MA-50K delivers the realism and clarity that Mojave mics are known for at an entry-level price. Equipped with the same hand-selected 3-micron capsule found in the MA-201FET, the MA-50K outperforms microphones costing several times more.

The MA-50K features a single-sided diaphragm in a fixed cardioid polar pattern with very fast transient response, excellent low-frequency accuracy, and high SPL handling. This MA-50K capsule produces a powerful proximity effect, enabling vocalists and engineers to increase the amount of bass in the recording by moving closer to the mic. Thanks to an innovative transformerless design, the MA-50K offers vanishingly low self-noise for a neutral, transparent sound that takes well to EQ.

With an even, natural frequency response and variable bass due to the proximity effect, the MA-50K is the ideal mic for home studios. Perfect for vocals, acoustic instruments, or even broadcast and post-production work, the MA-50K is a versatile studio workhorse.

Mojave Audio MA-D

The Mojave Audio MA-D is a handheld dynamic microphone that boasts a versatile sound profile, making it perfect for both live and studio performances. Designed by Technical Grammy Award Winner David Royer, the MA-D delivers a smooth frequency response that avoids the harsh 'presence peak' commonly found in other microphones. With its excellent off-axis rejection and integrated pneumatic shock-mount, the MA-D offers reduced handling noise and focused performance, making it an ideal choice for vocalists and a variety of instruments including guitar and bass amps, drums, and brass.

he MA-D's built-in internal windscreen is a welcome addition that eliminates plosives for a more polished sound. As with all Mojave Audio microphones, the MA-D is crafted with high-quality components and attention to detail, making it a valuable addition to any microphone collection. Whether you're recording in the studio or performing live, the Mojave Audio MA-D delivers a rich, musical response that is sure to please.

Mojave Audio Accessories

Mojave Slingshot

All Mojave microphones include a shock mount, but just in case you need a replacement or want to have a backup handy, you can purchase an additional Slingshot shock mount. Manufactured in conjunction with Royer Labs, the Mojave Slingshot works with any large-diaphragm Mojave Audio model.

Michael CarnariusIf you have questions about Mojave Audio products or want help selecting the right microphone for you studio, we're here for you! Please contact a Vintage King Audio Consultant via email or by phone at 866.644.0160.