Over the past few decades, Pro Tools has become the industry-standard DAW for recording, mixing, and post-production facilities. Avid has given both home and commercial studio owners several new tools in the past year to help streamline their Pro Tools rigs, including a new interface and several desktop control surfaces.With so many solutions to choose from, it can be tough to tell which is the best for you and your studio. That’s why we put together this Buyer’s Guide to help you find the perfect Avid gear for your space. Read on to learn more about the Avid MTRX Studio, Pro Tools Dock, S1, S3, and HDX series chassis.

MBOX Studio

The MBOX Studio continues Avid's lineage of renowned MBOX audio interfaces. Featuring four mic preamps equipped with Variable Z technology, MBOX Studio allows users to change the impedance for each input channel to optimize the response of a variety of microphone types. Two front-panel instrument inputs allow players to plug in guitars or other instruments and get right to tracking, while two sets of monitor outputs are perfect for more comprehensive mixing setups. Other thoughtful features like reamp output sends and Bluetooth connectivity make the MBOX Studio a versatile, easy-to-use interface. Those needing on the go recording capabilities, or just a concise home studio centerpiece will find the MBOX Studio to be the best MBOX yet.

Avid Carbon Audio Interface

Avid’s Carbon interface represents a new breed of interface for Avid, utilizing native CPU and HDX DSP-based systems in unison. Automatically maximizing Pro Tools performance, users can toggle tracks between DSP mode and native mode to ensure best results in situations where things like low latency are needed. With crystal-clear Avid conversion, unmatched dynamic range, and the ability to handle 64-bit processing, Carbon stands tall amongst even the largest players in the premium interface market.
Eight included studio-quality mic preamps with incredible clarity come standard, and four unique headphone outputs are included to allow users to design monitor mixes efficiently in sessions. With a vast 25 x 34 simultaneous I/O configuration, the Carbon will handle even the largest of sessions with ease, all while delivering elite-level sound quality.

Carbon Pre

Designed to expand your existing Pro Tools Carbon setup, Carbon PRE adds considerable I/O by way of 8 additional premium mic preamps as well as 8x8 line I/O to make interfacing with your favorite outboard gear a breeze. Carbon PRE allows users to remotely control, recall, and save input settings on its mic preamps, making session recall incredibly smooth from session to session.
Expand systems up to 24 channels by chaining 3 units together, or utilize Carbon PRE as a standalone rack of preamps in other existing systems. Each mic preamp features Avid’s Variable Z technology, and the industry leading brilliant conversion sets the Carbon system apart from competitors. Whether expanding an existing Carbon ecosystem or utilizing Carbon PRE with a Pro Tools HD system, the possibilities of scaling make it an ideal platform for even the largest of studios.


Building off the success of the MTRX, the new centerpiece design from Avid delivers powerful new features like Dante, Digilink, and MADI integration. With the cleanest and most transparent conversion of any modern interface, MTRX offers 64 channels of Digilink I/O and 256 channels of Dante I/O right from the start. Need to add on more channels? MTRX II can be expanded via eight card slots for incredibly high I/O capacity when needed. Built-in SPQ speaker processing allows for monitor calibration up to 16 filters on each channel, thoroughly allowing users to adjust to the room. Easily accommodate full Dolby Atmos configurations with the 512 x 64 built-in summing mixer, integrate into existing Dante-based networks, and more – the MTRX II can do it all.







Avid MTRX Studio

The Avid MTRX Studio is ideal for anyone who needs a flexible, all-in-one rack-mounted interface for recording or mixing. Ultra-low latency monitoring lets you hear yourself clearly while performing in the studio, and versatile I/O options help streamline your signal flow. The MTRX Studio even offers Dolby Atmos support for fully immersive post-production projects.

Connect all of your favorite outboard gear using 16 line-level inputs and 16 line-level outputs for quick and easy digital patching. Hook up your studio monitors using the rear TRS monitor outputs or plug-in your favorite headphones using the dual front-panel headphone jacks for critical listening.

The MTRX Studio is great for recording, too. Easily capture stereo recordings using the dual XLR inputs on the rear, or plug-in your guitar to the front-panel Hi-Z inputs to quickly capture ideas. Expand your recording capabilities by daisy-chaining additional interfaces via two ADAT inputs and outputs.

Dante support enables you to send up to 64 channels of audio over long distances with ultra-low latency for seamless remote recording. And with versatile Loop, Word Clock, and Footswitch connections, MTRX Studio has everything you need to integrate a wide range of devices.

Flexible front-panel controls make it easy to quickly change settings, while the large, brightly colored meters give you advanced visual feedback on session details. MTRX Studio can even be controlled remotely from EUCON-enabled control surfaces or Pro Tools | Ultimate.

Avid Pro Tools Dock

Tailor-made to work with your iPad or Android tablet, the Avid Pro Tools Dock provides intelligent studio control in a portable, ergonomic, and affordable surface. Save time in the studio with responsive touchscreen shortcuts and precision controls.

The Avid Pro Tools Dock puts an array of customizable controls at your fingertips to help speed up your workflow. From basic controls like the classic transport, jog wheel and master fader, to the customizable rotary knobs buttons and switches, Avid Pro Tools Dock makes it easier than ever to get the job done fast.

Compatible with your favorite EUCON-enabled DAWs, the Avid Pro Tools Dock offers extensive audio, video, and monitoring software integration and control. Kick your workflow into overdrive by pairing it with the Avid S1 or S3 control surfaces.

Avid S1 Control Surface

The Avid S1 falls somewhere in between the classic Artist Mix and the new Avid Dock, as it features eight touch-sensitive faders, just like the Artist Mix, and pairs perfectly with your iPad or Android tablet like the Avid Dock.

Each channel features motorized faders for instant recalls and writing automation, as well as dedicated Soft Keys that enable you to perform complex tasks with a single press. High-resolution OLED displays work seamlessly with the free Avid Control app on your tablet, providing rich visual feedback including track names, parameter values and more.

Perfect for music, audio post, or video projects, the S1 is flexible, compact, and affordable. The control surface is also easily scalable and seamlessly integrates with additional S1 units for more faders or an Avid Pro Tools Dock for additional touch controls.

If you'd like to learn more about this new control surface, check out our Buyer's Guide dedicated to the S1 and S4.

Avid S3 Control Surface

Large music and post-production sessions require plenty of faders to quickly control channel levels and write automation and that’s where the Avid S3 control surface comes in. Based on the award-winning Avid S6 control surface, this streamlined yet versatile mixing system puts the power of your favorite EUCON-enabled application at your fingertips.

Bring your mix to life with 16 touch-sensitive, motorized faders. Each channel features dedicated controls for solo, mute, and record-enable, as well as customizable controls. With 32 touch-sensitive, push-button style rotary encoders, you can quickly make changes to inputs, inserts, sends, groups, and plug-in settings.

Intuitive touch strip transport controls make it easy to navigate projects, while the high-quality onboard meters help you keep an eye on your levels.

The S3 is more than just a controller, it’s also a fully functional recording interface. This control surface features a built-in four-in, six-out AVB Core Audio interface for Mac systems. Track vocals and instrument performances using two high-quality XLR mic/line inputs and two TRS line inputs. Seamlessly connect your studio speakers, headphones, and other gear using four line outputs and a dedicated stereo headphone output.

If you'd like to learn more about the S6 control surface, check out our Buyer's Guide on the control surface.

Avid Pro Tools HDX Thunderbolt 3 Desktop and Rackmount Chassis

For those looking for a powerful yet streamlined setup, check out the Avid Pro Tools HDX Thunderbolt 3 systems. Pro Tools HDX enables you to leverage the power of external DSP cards to power AAX DSP plugins, freeing up your computer’s processing power.

In order to use Pro Tools HDX, you’ll need an HDX PCIe card, which can be installed directly into your computer. For those working on mobile systems, the Avid Pro Tools HDX Thunderbolt 3 chassis provide a safe, secure solution.

The Avid Pro Tools HDX Thunderbolt 3 Desktop Chassis offers a sleek, compact desktop chassis for housing a single HDX PCIe card, allowing you to quickly integrate Pro Tools | HDX with your Mac and Windows-based computer via Thunderbolt.

Ideal for mobile rigs and ultra-compact setups, the Avid Pro Tools HDX Thunderbolt 3 Rackmount Chassis also offers enough space to house a Mac mini, creating a fully functional recording rig in a compact, 1U rack-mountable unit.

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