Handmade in Finland, Amphion Loudspeakers are known for their honest and accurate sound reproduction. With precision-engineered drivers and state-of-the-art technology, Amphion's monitors deliver world-class imaging and phase coherence in any environment.But with five passive loudspeaker models and two bass extension systems to choose from, it can be tough to tell which setup is right for your studio. That’s why we put together this handy Buyer’s Guide to help you find the right pair of Amphion monitors and loudspeakers for your studio.

The History of Amphion Loudspeakers

Established in 1998, Amphion Loudspeakers are trusted by A-list composers, sound engineers, and producers all around the world for their neutral, transparent sound. All of Amphion’s monitors are designed to deliver detailed and reliable information across the entire frequency spectrum.

However, as the room size decreases, the perceived bass response increases, which makes the compact One series models particularly well suited for smaller rooms. For a versatile full-range monitoring system, combine any Amphion Audio Loudspeakers with your preferred Base system.

The Technology Behind Amphion Loudspeakers

Precision-Engineered Drivers

All Amphion Loudspeakers utilize a groundbreaking acoustic design with a high-density Corian waveguide for maximum resolution and exceptional time and phase coherence. Time-adjusted drivers with a fixed crossover set at 1600 Hz deliver a rock-solid phantom center, lifelike 3D imaging, and an extremely wide sweet-spot.

Uniformly Directive Dispersion

Equipped with innovative Uniformly Directive Dispersion technology, Amphion loudspeakers deliver consistent sound in any setting. Amphion's signature fifth-generation waveguide ensures seamless driver integration, eliminates cabinet diffractions, and produces smooth, detailed sound. Combined with a passive radiator instead of a vent, Amphion loudspeakers deliver impressive bass definition and superior midrange clarity.

Amphion Guide To Loudspeakers, Subwoofers, and Power Amplifiers

Amphion Two18 Monitors

Amphion’s flagship Two18 nearfield studio monitors are ideal for mid-sized to large commercial studios. Dual eight-inch aluminum drivers and a one-inch titanium tweeter placed in the center of the cabinet work together to provide precise phase alignment and exceptional accuracy.

Two18 speakers deliver natural, transparent sound from 40 Hz to 20 kHz, making them an ideal choice for a wide range of tasks. And thanks to their exceptional imaging and wide sweet spot, you can rest assured that Amphion Two18 studio monitors will sound balanced even while moving around the studio.

Amphion Two15 Monitors

Celebrated for their exceptionally low levels of distortion and impressive tonal balance, Amphion’s Two15 studio monitors are still the top choice for many composers and producers. Two15 loudspeakers deliver impressive bass response without the need for additional subwoofers, making them ideal for mixing and mastering engineers working in smaller spaces.

The Amphion Two15 loudspeakers employ the same design as the flagship Two18 model with slightly smaller drivers. Two 15-inch aluminum drivers deliver deep, rich lows down to 44 Hz, while the one-inch titanium tweeter provides silky smooth highs up to 20 kHz.

Amphion One18 Monitors

The largest of Amphion’s desktop designs, One18 studio monitors deliver class-leading performance at an affordable price. Ideal for mid-sized home or commercial studios, One18 monitors are revered for their sonic clarity and rock-solid imaging.

With a 6.5-inch aluminum woofer and a one-inch titanium tweeter, Amphion One18 studio monitors deliver clear, detailed sound from 45 Hz to 20 kHz. Whether you’re mixing, mastering or recording, One18 speakers enable you to achieve great results quickly and without any doubt.

Amphion One15 Monitors

Amphion’s One15 speakers combine impressive performance with a compact form factor, making them perfect for small commercial studios or burgeoning home studios. Don’t let their size fool you, as One15 studio monitors capture Amphion’s signature detail and clarity, ensuring that your mixes will translate to any system.

Featuring a 5.5-inch aluminum woofer, Amphion One15 monitors deliver powerful lows down to 49 Hz, while the one-inch driver offers crisp highs up to 20 kHz. Small enough to fit on your desk or, One15 studio monitors easily integrate into any setup.

Amphion One12 Monitors

If you’re searching for a compact, affordable set of professional studio monitors, look no further than the One12. Tailor-made for low-volume performance, One12 monitors sound neutral and balanced even at any level, making them ideal for home studios, small post-production edit bays, mobile trucks, or FOH scenarios.

Equipped with a 4.5-inch aluminum woofer and a one-inch titanium tweeter, One12 studio monitors deliver balanced sound from 78 Hz to 20 kHz. Best of all, due to their extreme near field design, Amphion One12 speakers are not impacted by room acoustics, enabling consistent performance in any environment.

Amphion BaseTwo25 Subwoofers

Amphion studio monitors deliver powerful bass all on their own, but some genres require a little extra “oomph.” Amphion’s BaseTwo25 subwoofers are the ideal low-end extension for any Amphion loudspeaker model.

The Amphion BaseTwo25 system includes two bass extension towers, two 900W amplifiers, and a stand-alone 1U filtering module with variable-volume control. Each bass extension tower features dual 10-inch woofers and matching 25 cm passive radiators for powerful bass all the way down to 20 Hz.

In addition to tight, punchy bass response, the BaseTwo25 system improves the midrange clarity and power-handling of your speakers by transferring frequencies below 100 Hz from the monitors to the base extenders.

Amphion FlexBase25 Subwoofer

Amphion’s FlexBase25 takes a modern approach to subwoofer design with a variable crossover frequency and stereo spread controls. Ideal for commercial and home studios, the FlexBase25 system is easy to set up and intuitive to adjust. With the turn of a few dials, the system adapts to any task—from a fun, vibey sound for producing to a precise and analytical response for critical listening applications.

FlexBase25 turns your two-way studio monitors into a three-way full-range monitoring system, radically increasing your headroom and low-frequency response. With dual 10-inch aluminum driers and a one-way closed box design, FlexBase25 offers an impressive low-end response from 35 Hz to 260 Hz. While FlexBase25 is naturally optimized for Amphion monitors, it also works well with other speakers.

Amphion Amp700 Power Amplifier

The Amp700 is a high-performance stereo amplifier custom-designed to power Amphion speakers and subwoofers. With 700W per channel, the Amp700 provides plenty of headroom for crystal-clear sound at any volume. Although the Amp700 utilizes Class-D topology, a custom buffer stage introduces Class-A characteristics for a richer sound.

Whether you’re looking for a power amp for your Amphion monitors or another pair of passive loudspeakers, Amp700 delivers excellent control and high resolution across the whole frequency spectrum.

Amphion also makes a high-quality speaker cable with specially braided silver-coated copper conductors for improved connectivity and performance in any monitoring system.

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