The Neve 1073 is one of the most legendary mic preamps in recording history and has been available in just about every format possible. AMS Neve has just announced that the brand is once again changing the name of the 1073 game by introducing the new 1073OPX octal microphone/line/instrument preamplifier.What's going on with the 1073OPX that makes it so impressive? We're talking about a 2U 19" rackmount unit, which features eight 1073 preamps with Marinair transformers that can be controlled via remote control. It gets even better! The 1073OPX has a digital card option that offers 192kHz/24Bit conversion for USB and Dante network connections.

To get more of the scoop on the 1073OPX, we went straight to the source and spoke with AMS Neve Product Specialist Joe Heaton. Watch our video interview with Joe below to learn more about the 1073OPX, how AMS Neve is blending digital and analog, and a history lesson in Marinair transformers.

The AMS Neve 1073OPX is now available for $3695 with the optional digital card costing $995. For a limited time, you can save big when buying the mic pre and card option bundled together for $4295. That's $395 in savings!

AMS Neve 1073OPX Octal Microphone Preamplifier Specs

1073OPX Price: $3695 1073OPX Digital Option: $995
Introductory Bundle Price: $4295 (Save $395)
Preamps: 8 Channels of remote-controlled 1073 Mic/Line/Instrument Preamplifiers.
Transformers: Exclusive Neve® Marinair® transformers on both the Line and Microphone input.
Software Connectivity: Remote control software can control up to 8 1073OPX racks at a time (64 preamps!)
Recall: Automatic Total Recall™ of all settings.
Front Input: Front Transformer-coupled Mic/Line combo input
Rear Input: Rear Transformer-coupled Mic/Line D-Type connection
HPF: 80Hz High pass filter
Pad: -25dB pad
Phase Flip: Yes
Smart Phantom Power Control: Yes
Impedance Selector: Hi/Lo Impedance selector from 300Ω to 1.3KΩ
Monitor Path: Separate stereo monitor path with Independent level control
Monitoring: Latency-free monitoring of all signal sources
Headphones Output: Front mounted Headphone output
Digital Option: Contains a USB connection for use as a standalone primary audio interface/core audio device, Dante Primary and Secondary connection for Audio-over-IP application. Word Clock Sync In/Out. Selectable Headroom from +18, +24, +26dB

Jeff EhrenbergIf you're interested in ordering the AMS Neve 1073OPX or have any questions about the rackmount mic pre unit, we're here to help! Please contact a Vintage King Audio Consultant via email or by phone at 866.644.0160.