Universal Audio has just launched its new LUNA Recording System. The application is free and available to download right here for Mac users with Thunderbolt Apollo and Arrow interfaces . Whether you've been curious about LUNA or don't know the first thing about it, we've got everything you need in this blog.First things first, what is it? Universal Audio describes LUNA as a "music creation, recording, and analog-style production system." Essentially, LUNA is your new home base for recording, editing, and mixing, one that flows seamlessly with Universal Audio Thunderbolt-equipped interfaces in a way like never before.

Watch our new video below to discover five features that will have you ready to download LUNA today, and continue on afterward to learn more about how the system can be expanded.

Additional LUNA Features

The five features mentioned in the video above are just truly the start of what makes downloading the LUNA recording system a must. The designers at Universal Audio have come up with a wide breadth of features that will make recording and mixing easier than ever before.

Let's start with track count. Unlike many free recording software programs, the LUNA recording system allows you to have an unlimited track count. You can freely record as many tracks as your Mac will handle. When editing those tracks, LUNA uses a contextual editing and browsing system that switches back and forth between viewing modes and tools.

In addition to working seamlessly with your Thunderbolt Universal Audio interfaces and plug-ins, LUNA plays well with projects from other DAWs and AU plug-in creators. All UAD, AU plug-ins and AU software and instruments work in LUNA and you will be able to import sessions from other DAWS using Advanced Authoring Format (AAF).

On top of this, LUNA has a built-in Session Auto-Save feature that will come in handy if something ever happens and your computer shuts down. No longer will you have to go back and re-do tracks!

Luna Extensions

Many of the features mentioned in the video above come with LUNA upon download. Users looking to get the complete experience will want to consider picking up the Luna Creator Bundle. This bundle will give you access to the powerful Neve Summing Mixer, Studer A800 Tape, Moog Minimoog and Ravel Grand Piano. You can buy this bundle with any Thunderbolt Universal Audio interface from Vintage King.

Universal Audio Creator Bundle

Built-In Neve Summing

Vintage Neve is one of the most revered sounds in recording history, and for LUNA, Universal Audio wanted to give users access to that classic console sound. Once purchased, this LUNA extension puts the power of the Neve 1272 summing amplifier right into the recording system's mixer. Give all of your mixes the warmth they deserve!

Studer ®A800 Multichannel Tape Recorder Extension

Thanks to the Oxide extension that comes with LUNA, all users will have instant access to tape emulation on every track they record. If you'd like to take things to the next level, the LUNA Creator Bundle features an upgrade by way of the Studer ®A800 extension. First introduced in 1978, this is the tape machine that has been behind countless hit records.

Moog Minimoog

Universal Audio teamed up with Moog Music to create an accurate emulation of Dr. Bob Moog's greatest invention, the Minimoog. First produced in 1970, the Minimoog downsized the mammoth modular creations of Moog's earliest days and became a signature part of the sound of many different genres, including prog rock, disco, and electronic music.

Ravel™ Grand Piano

Universal Audio is offering users a fantastic grand piano emulation via this LUNA extension. The Steinway Model B grand piano is based on exclusive samples to Universal Audio and offers new ultra-resonance technology.

Miles PetersonIf you have questions about the LUNA Recording System or want to purchase the LUNA expansion pack with a Thunderbolt Apollo or Arrow interface, Vintage King is your ultimate resource for all things Universal Audio. Please contact a Vintage King Audio Consultant via email or by phone at 866.644.0160.