The Telefunken ELA-M 251 is one of the most storied large diaphragm condenser microphones in recording history. It came about after the fruitful relationship between Neumann and Telefunken dissolved, and AKG stepped in to help manufacture a new microphone for Telefunken.

We recently had a number of Telefunken ELA-M 251s come through the Vintage King Tech Shop for servicing. Two of the microphones are incredibly close to being numbered sequentially (917 and 919), and since these mics were made in blocks of ten, that's an incredibly rare sight.

To learn more about the Telefunken ELA-M 251, we sat down with Vintage King Microphone Technician Tim "Timmo" Johnson after he finished servicing these mics. Timmo has been a tech with Vintage King since 1999, so he's seen his share of rare microphones during his tenure here.

Watch the video below to check out our conversation with Timmo and listen to performances from Madelyn Grant (vocals), Bryan Reilly (drums), and Dustin McLaughlin (acoustic guitar) captured by these ELA-M 251s.

Jacob SchneiderIf you're interested in finding a Telefunken ELA-M 251 or any other vintage microphones, we're here to help! Contact a Vintage King Audio Consultant via email or by phone at 866.644.0160.