What happens when you bring together a team of designers who were raised on the strong tradition of German tube mics? Microphone magic! Created in collaboration by noted U47 tech Andreas Grosser, design engineer Eckehard Dux, and engineer/producer Andrew Myburgh, the new Myburgh M1 microphone is certainly a beauty.

Previewed at Musikmesse in 2018, and now available exclusively through Vintage King, the Myburgh M1 microphone offers the build quality of Germany's legendary microphones. Despite being inspired by the classics, the M1 is a microphone with its own design. This isn't just another replica of the U47, U67, or 251.

The large-diaphragm tube condenser mic features a Russian military-grade tube, German-made Mylar M7 capsule, and variable polar patterns and true cardioid. The M1's amplifier has a fantastic linear frequency response with minimal cut off under 30Hz and over 20Khz. There is one custom-built transformer located inside the microphone and another in the power supply. The power supply offers control over the aforementioned polar patterns.

We recently headed into the Vintage King studio with the Myburgh M1 microphone to test it on several different sound sources. Watch our video below to hear the M1 used to track performances by Olivia Millerschin (vocals) and Bryan Reilly (acoustic guitar, drums, and electric guitar).

Sam RoutheauxThe Myburgh M1 microphone is a Vintage King exclusive! If you would like to purchase one or learn more about the microphone, contact a Vintage King Audio Consultant via email or by phone at 866.644.0160.