Moog has announced today that the brand is reviving its classic 16 Channel Vocoder for 2020. The news comes more than four decades after the Moog Vocoder first appeared in gear shops around the world in 1978.

The new Moog Vocoder will be extremely faithful to the classic design of the original. The storied synth brand has left the schematics completely intact and each unit will be hand-soldered at the brand's factory in Asheville, North Carolina. The only update to the Moog Vocoder will be improved connectors and power supply for reliability.

Moog's design for its Vocoder features 16 patchable bands from 50 to 5,080 Hz, in addition to a selectable DIRECT mode for a high frequency channel. The unit's Sample/Hold switch will hold tonal characteristics of a sound while the switch is flipped and turn off when returned to its out position. There is also a selectable Hiss, Buzz, and Balance control, which enables users to have greater control over their voice.

The signature sound of the vocoder has become a highly influential element of modern music. Utilized by audio creators from all different genres since the 1970s, it's perhaps most well known for being used by Giorgio Moroder, Kraftwerk, Boards of Canada, and Ginuwine, just to name a few.

Watch our new First Listen with the Moog 16 Channel Vocoder below to hear the new reproduction in action. In addition to hearing the Moog Vocoder, you'll also get an in-depth overview of the instrument's front and back panel and complete feature set.

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