The Equinox from Shadow Hills Industries has been around for a number of years, but often gets overlooked in terms of the sheer amount of tools it can bring to a session. The 2U rackmount unit can be looked at as a complete small-scale recording console with mic pres, summing buss, and monitoring section.

The mic pre portion of The Equinox features two of Shadow Hill's signature GAMA mic pres, which offer 60dB of gain, 24 position stepped attenuators, phantom power, and 1/4" DI input. Where these mic pres truly shine though is the switchable output transformers in the amplifier section.

Each mic pre in The Equinox features three different output transformers, the steel transformer (tight and punchy), the nickel transformer (clear, smooths transients), and the iron transformer (Similar to a St. Ives Neve transformer, warm, round).  So in the same box, you get several different flavors to work with during tracking.

When it comes to The Equinox's summing buss, the unit has a 30-channel mixer that utilizes copper buss bars and esoteric resistors. DAW inputs 3 through 24 are stereo summed and 25 through 32 are mono. All of these inputs pass through the amplifier stage with selectable output transformers. Once again, you get to choose from three different characteristics to send your audio through.

The Equinox's monitoring section is also quite robust. It features your choice of four input sources, output for three monitors, a DIM switch, and a switch to engage the unit's built-in talkback mic, cue output, and stereo/mono switch.

Take a fresh listen to the Shadow Hills Equinox in our new demo video and learn more about all it has to offer your recording studio.

Sam RoutheauxIf you would like to purchase Shadow Hills Industries The Equinox or have questions about the all-in-one tool, we're here to help! Please contact a Vintage King Audio Consultant via email or by phone at 866.644.0160.