Just in time for the 2020 NAMM Show, Barefoot Sound has just announced the all-new Footprint02 active 3-way studio monitor. The new monitor uses much of the same technology and design as the best-selling Footprint01, but the Footprint02 is now the most compact and affordable [$1375/Single Monitor, $2750/Pair] offering to date from Barefoot Sound.

Tailor-made for today’s evolving production workflows, the Footprint02 is ideal for recording engineers, producers, composers, songwriters, musicians and beat-makers. The Footprint02 features four precision-tuned drivers arranged in an active three-way configuration to deliver stunning sound quality, wide dynamic range, and smooth bass response.

Watch our video below to get a closer look at the Barefoot Footprint02 and get a full breakdown of the differences between the new studio monitor and the Footprint01. Continue on after the video to learn more about the specs of the Footprint02.


Unlike traditional studio monitors, which suffer from distortion and coloration caused by unnecessary driver vibration, Barefoot studio monitors utilize a patented Dual-Force design to eliminate vibrations for distortion-free sound. The Footprint02 is equipped with two 6.5-inch paper cone subwoofers, mounted on the left and right side of the cabinet. This innovative force-canceling design delivers clear, powerful low-end down to 42 Hz without muddying up your mix.

The Barefoot Sound Footprint02 packs the technology of the Footprint01 into a smaller package. While the Footprint01 weighs in at 35 lbs and features a cabinet with dimensions of 14” x 9.5” x 13” [H x W x D], the Footprint02 weighs only 27.9 lbs and has cabinet dimensions of 12.12” x 8.7” x 13”.

Much of the technology and design within the two monitors is the same, the main difference being the wattage of the amplifiers. The Footprint02 offers around 60% of the volume of the Footprint01, but does so with the same incredible sound quality users have come to know of the original.

The Barefoot Sound Footprint02 features a custom-designed 4-inch aluminum cone driver for focused, detailed mids. With an aluminum phase plug, a low-distortion motor, and hyper-linear excursion, this dedicated midrange driver makes it easy to dial in the critical midrange frequencies in your mix.

To deliver crystal-clear highs, the Footprint02 is equipped with Barefoot’s state-of-the-art 1-inch dual ring radiating tweeter. Unlike conventional tweeters, which have very narrow dispersion, Barefoot Sound studio monitors feature dual-ring radiator technology, which provides silky-smooth highs all the way up to 45 kHz.

To ensure each driver performs optimally, the Footprint02 is equipped with a cutting-edge two-way DSP crossover set at 180 Hz, as well as a passive crossover network between the midrange driver and the tweeter set at 3.6 kHz.

The Footprint02 is equipped with dual Class D amplifiers to deliver powerful, distortion-free sound. One 150-Watt amp powers the aluminum cone midrange driver and dual-ring radiating tweeter, while a second 200-Watt amp powers the subwoofers.

Much like the Footprint01, the Footprint02 features Barefoot’s signature speaker configuration with the tweeter positioned below the midrange woofer. This unusual geometry helps focus the acoustic energy in the center of the cabinet for a wider sweet spot.

Footprint02 studio monitors are equipped with Barefoot’s groundbreaking Multi-Emphasis Monitor Emulation, or MEME technology, which uses sophisticated DSP processing to emulate the sound of classic studio monitors. MEME technology makes it easy to check how your production translates to different speakers with the click of a switch.

“Old School” mode emulates the sound of the iconic Yamaha NS10M monitors, with an edgy, midrange-forward sound. The “Cube” setting is modeled after the legendary Auratone Sound Cube, giving your mixes a boxy lo-fi sound. On the opposite end of the spectrum, the “Hi-Fi” setting emulates the sound of consumer hi-fi systems with a sweet high-end and warm midrange. And of course, the “flat” setting delivers the signature Barefoot sound that engineers, producers, and musicians around the world have grown to know and love.

If you've been considering the Footprint01, but are looking for something a little smaller and a better fit for your price range, the Footprint02 is the perfect solution for you. Barefoot Sound's latest monitors will offer a premium listening experience, fit into nearly any studio, and work comfortably within most budgets.

Anthony ErwinIf you'd like to pre-order Barefoot Sound Footprint02s or have any questions about the new studio monitors, please contact a Vintage King Audio Consultant via email or by phone at 866.644.0160.