Since Apogee got its start, the brand has been known as a heavyweight in the digital end of pro audio, providing what many agree to be the best quality conversion in the game. New for 2020, Apogee has unveiled the Symphony Desktop, which brings the same technology used in the Symphony I/O to a much smaller package.

It’s no secret that Apogee’s Symphony I/O has become one of the top choices for audio interfaces in professional studio environments. The interface features crystal clear definition in its conversion, massive I/O support, and the option for brilliant mic preamps. With that said, the Symphony I/O provides both a price point and a large format that might be a little above those just getting a start in the industry.

For those looking for interfaces for project studios and home recording environments, the Symphony Desktop is your answer. No compromise in sound quality, just a smaller desktop interface. The Symphony Desktop features two stellar built-in mic pres, onboard DSP processing, and resolution up to 24 bit/192 kHz. You can now record and mix at world-class quality, all with a unit that can easily be stored in a travel bag.

New for the Symphony Desktop is Apogee’s DSP processing and mic preamp emulations. The Apogee Alloy Preamp Technology allows you to use sound profiles created from some of the most iconic pieces of studio gear in history. Included by default are the emulations of the classic Neve 1066, as well as a gorgeous profile of the Ampex 601 tube preamp.

The choice is yours, as users can either stick with the clean, transparent tone that Apogee’s preamps have been known for, or reach for the sound of iconic transformer-based and tube-based designs. In addition to the high definition modeling preamps, Apogee throws in their FX Plugins, including high quality reverb suites and a killer compressor. The Symphony Desktop's onboard DSP processing ensures that your Apogee plugins will run smoothly and quickly.

If you're looking to upgrade the interface in your project studio, the Symphony Desktop will provide massive value. At a street price of just $1299, the interface allows for a way more budget-friendly price point than the Symphony I/O rack with a form factor that is just right for smaller studio spaces.

Robert AlexanderIf you are interested in ordering the Apogee Symphony Desktop or have questions about the new USB desktop interface, please contact a Vintage King Audio Consultant via email or by phone at 866.644.0160.