The official day known as Black Friday may have blown past and left you without any new gear, but don't you sweat it.... Vintage King Audio's Black Friday Sale rolls on!

That's right, our sale continues until Monday, December 9th, and we have a whole host of outboard gear deals for you to check out. Continue on to discover savings from Shadow Hills Industries, Solid State Logic, Pultec, and so many more.

Save Up To $154 On Select Aurora Audio Gear (Deal Ends 12/31/2019)
Aurora Audio has been creating killer Class A British sounding outboard gear that has easily won over engineers and producers. The GTQ2 is a mic preamp/EQ that features transformers made exactly to the specs of vintage Marinair transformers. What's that mean for your recordings? You'll get the warm and punchy sounds that you've been dreaming of!

10% off BAE Audio (Deal Ends 12/31/2019)
For years now, BAE has been one of the premier names in Neve style preamp recreations. The 1073MP captures the sound of what is considered by countless users to be the most desirable preamp of all time, the 1073. BAE uses real Carnhill transformers and identical Class-A circuitry to bring the sound youve heard on so many hit records. 

Save $300 On The Black Box Analog Design HG-2 (Deal Ends 12/16/2019)
When Black Box Analog Design set about creating the HG-2, the brand wanted to offer several different tools in one simple box. The HG-2 features saturation, harmonics, and natural compression that can be utilized during mixing and mastering. With tons of different stages and selectable options, you're given a wide range of control over the sounds coming out of the HG-2.

Free Black Lion Auteur MK2500 With Purchase of PBR-8 Rack (Deal Ends 12/31/2019)
Many have become familiar with the Black Lion Auteur as being a preamp that delivers a very high-quality sound at a surprisingly low price. The MK2500 gives you the same clear, detailed sound as the original Auteur, but adds a DI input on the front, and fits the features into a 500 Series format. With 67 db of gain and a 13 dB output pad, you have plenty of tools to sculpt a great sound. 

10% Off Burl Audio (Deal Ends 12/09/2019)
While Burl Audio is known for the B80 Mothership converter system, they also have a number of other outboard gear pieces that can really help bring home analog warmth to your studio. The B32 Vancouver is an incredible 32-channel mix bus and analog summing mixer that features switchable BX5 input transformers and gain boost feature. This +6 dB boost will help glue together your mixes and offer beautiful harmonic saturation.

Save $200 on Cranborne 500ADAT w/ Two Camden Modules (Deal Ends 12/09/2019)
Fresh to the 500 Series market, the Cranborne Camden 500 is one of the cleanest, most transparent sounding preamp circuits out there. The Camden was designed to be ultra clear, and feature a super low THD, even with the input cranked to more than 60 dB of gain. When you want more vibe and character, use the inventive Mojocontrol on the Camden. With the Thump or Cream settings, the Camden emulates the saturation of either vintage transformers or tubes. 

Save $225 On Select Elysia Gear (Deal Ends 12/18/2019)
Elysia is giving you the opportunity to save on several of the brand's beloved pieces of outboard gear, including the xFilter. This true linked stereo EQ is extremely flexible and gives you precise stereo image based on computer-selected, stepped potentiometers.

Save up to $360 Off Select Heritage Audio Gear (Deal Ends 12/09/2019)
Heritage Audio has made a massive name for itself in a relatively small amount of time. The HA73 Elite is a great example of Heritage’s ability to capture the best parts of classic preamps. Striving for the renowned sound of the 1073, the HA73 Elite features real Carnhill transformers like the original. Improving on the original design, the HA73 Elite features a massive 80 dB of gain, making it perfect for use with ribbon microphones. 

10% Off Highland Dynamics (Deal Ends 12/16/2019)
If you've been considering picking up a compressor before the end of 2019, Highland Dynamics has two different options for you on sale right now. The BG1 is a stereo tube compressor based on the Altec 436 that features two different modes, British (soft, smooth compression) and American (aggressive compression). Highland Dynamic's second compressor offering is the BG2, which is a mono version of the BG1.

10% Off Maag Audio (Deal Ends 12/09/2019)
Maag Audios EQs have drawn attention as a modern classic of the studio, and for good reason. These EQs are incredibly transparent and clear, and offer the renowned Air Band. By using the Air Band section, users can engage a high frequency shelf from notched points between 2.5kHz and 40kHz. Run any signal through the EQ4 and notice the Air Bands ability to offer clarity and focus to the sound, while still maintaining the integral tone of the signal.

Save $100 On Neve 1073LB (Deal Ends 12/09/2019)
The Neve 1073 hardly needs any introduction, as it's viewed by nearly everyone as the best sounding mic preamp ever designed. With the 1073LB, Neve offers the same great sound of the 1073 with modern amenities like its 500 Series footprint and the combi-XLR input jack on the front of the unit. Drive the gain for the classic character of the Neve sound, then use the trim switch to attenuate the output signal- youll have that classic Neve tone in no time.

Save 10% On Overstayer (Deal Ends 12/16/2019)
Overstayer has all of their gear on sale this Black Friday, but right now we're focusing in on the M-A-S. In a 1U rack space, the M-A-S gives you a highly controllable analog chain that allows you to bring some serious analog character to your recordings. This beauty can add consistency to transients, balance tracks in your mix and lessen the need for limiters later on in the process.

Save $891 On The Phoenix Audio DRS-8 MK 2 (Deal Ends 12/31/2019)
With custom-wound transformers and Class-A circuits, the Phoenix Audio preamps are an easy way to impart that tone and warmth of classic British preamps. With the DRS-8, Phoenix packs eight channels of their pres into a convenient rack unit. Offering useful LED Metering, High Pass Filters, and detented pots for easier recall, the DRS-8 is a powerful solution for any studio needing a bank of preamps to rely on.

10% Off Pultec (Deal Ends 12/09/2019)
Another incredibly revered studio classic, Pultec EQs impart a sound that other EQs simply can’t. The classic passive equalizer circuit offers the ability to boost both Lows and Highs, and was essential in achieving classic tones like the Motown bass sounds. Even if you can't find a vintage one, take advantage of the affordability of the Pulse Techniques EQP-1A3 during the brand's current sale.

10% Off Shadow Hills Industries Mastering Compressor, Equinox, Mono Gama, & Dual Vandergraph (Deal Ends 12/09/2019)
Perhaps one of the most revered compressors in the modern studio market, the Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor immediately garners respect after one look at its sleek, black facade. The Mastering Compressor offers two channels, each with two compressors in line. With one opto style compressor followed by a Class A limiter, signals will benefit from the best of both styles of compression. This ultra-luxury unit is perfect for both mastering-grade dynamics control, as well as a great solution during the tracking and mixing stages.

Instant Rebates On Select Solid State Logic Gear (Deal Ends 12/31)
Through the rest of 2019, Solid State Logic is offering instant rebates on select X-Rack modules and outboard gear. One piece of gear featured in the instant rebate program is the XLogic G Series compressor, which is a stereo compressor that utilizes classic G Series and SuperAnalogue design elements.

10% Off Spectra 1964 (Deal Ends 12/16/2019)
Many are familiar with the classic Spectra 610 Complimiter, as the compressor is viewed by many to be the fastest and quietest on the market. Spectra 1964's new C610 beefs up performance with higher bandwidth Cinemag transformers. Users can utilize both the compressor and the limiter functions simultaneously for superb gain control, or separately use their functions as needed. 

15% off SPL SMC 5.1, Crescendo, Mixdream & Mixdream XP (Deal Ends 12/31)
SPL’s Crescendo is a bank of eight preamps that offers a super unique feature, as its headroom is basically endless. With its 120V technology, the Crescendo can handle louder sources. Loud drummer? No problem. Super dynamic singer? Crescendo has it covered. With its staggering clarity, dedicated eight VU meters, and superb headroom, the Crescendo is bound to change the entire way that you track.

10% Off UK Sound (Deal Ends 12/09/2019)
UK Sound is the brainchild of BAE Audio, and the brand's 73MPL is exactly what it sounds like. This 1073-style preamp sports the Class A circuit sound that gives you the warmth and coloration youre looking for. With the classic Marconi style knobs, a Hi-Z input on the front, and impedance selection, all of the features youd look for in a great mic pre are here.

10% Off Select Warm Audio (Deal Ends 12/31/2019)
Warm Audio has been offering excellent recreations of studio classics for years at budget-friendly prices. With the WA73-EQ, Warm Audio offers up the sound of the classic 73 circuit. Warm Audio tosses in the EQ section with the same EQ points from the modules that helped sculpt so many signature sounds on hit records for decades. With a whopping 80 dB of gain, the WA73-EQ helps even the lowest output signals shine.

$200 Off Select WesAudio (Deal Ends 12/31/2019)
The Timbre Compressor carries a massive sound and signature compression based directly off a legendary compressor Gates STA-Level. Using a vari-mu compressor circuit and Carnhill transformers, the Timbre imparts a big, warm sound on anything passing through it. The same simple controls of the STA-Level make it easy to dial in compression, achieving your desired gain reduction in no time. WesAudio has even thrown in a few modern features- a high pass sidechain filter and shorter attack time option make this compressor a gorgeous sounding and versatile tool.

10% Off Wunder Audio (Deal Ends 12/09/2019)
Wunder Audio has made quite a name for themselves offering super premium outboard gear, mics, and consoles. The Allotrope EQ is a 500 series format version of the EQ found in the Wunder PEQ2. Based off the design and sound of the Allotrope console owned by Led Zeppelins John Paul Jones, the circuit found in this EQ brings a lot of vibe in a small package.

10% Off Zahl EQ1 Stereo EQ and IM1 M/S Master Insert (Deal Ends 12/09/2019)
The Zahl EQ1 is a two-channel equalizer that slides right into your 500 series chassis. Four bands of EQ, with detailed control make the EQ1 a strong choice for any stereo signal. With its parametric style equalization controls, you can dial in the Q, sweep the frequencies, and carefully boost or cut to precisely dial in your desired tone.

Purchase four 500 Series Modules ($750 and up) get a free VK 500 Rack (Deal Ends 12/09/2019)
When you purchase any four 500 series format modules ($750 & up) and well toss a free VK 500 Series Rack in to power them all. Need four new mic pres? Heres your chance. Want to add some great compressors or EQs to your outboard rack? Perfect. Choose your weapons, and well give you the tools to power them up!

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