Upgrade your mic locker this holiday season with our annual Black Friday Sale! Save big on popular large-diaphragm condenser mics, classic tube mics, modern ribbon mics and an assortment of dynamic mics for the studio and the stage.

Whether you’re looking to capture better-sounding vocals, drums, guitars, or even orchestral instruments, we’ve got you covered with huge deals on dozens of microphones during our Black Friday Sale.

Save $300 on AKG C 414 XLS and C 414 XLII (Deal Ends 12/31/2019)
The AKG C 414 large-diaphragm condenser microphone is a studio workhorse that has been used on countless hit records. Through the rest of the year, AKG is offering big savings on two modern versions of the microphone. The AKG C 414 XLS delivers the neutral, transparent sound that the C 414 is known for, while the C 414 XL II features the same capsule design, but gives it a significant presence boost above 3 kHz. Both models feature nine selectable pickup patterns, making them well-suited for almost any application. Commonly used on lead vocals and acoustic instrument recordings, the AKG C 414 delivers the perfect blend of depth and detail.

Save Up To $996 On Antelope Audio Edge Microphones (Deal Ends 12/31/2019)
Antelope Audio's Edge series is the brand's forray into the world of modeling microphone systems. The most unique of these four microphones is the Edge Quadro, a four-channel large-diaphragm microphone that allows for 360 degree recording. The options for recording are endless as you're able to tap into Antelope's deep bank of mic emulations including vintage classics like the U47, U87, U67, and more. Bring home the Edge Quadro for less this year with a stunning price of only $1999. That's $996 in savings!

Save Up To $81 On Select Aston Microphones (Deal Ends 12/11/2019)
The Aston Origin has become a fan favorite around Vintage King Audio since the microphone was first released a few years ago. This cardioid condenser microphone weighs in at a wallet-friendly price, but it doesn't skimp on sound. Get smooth and natural recordings this holiday season with the Origin and save $60 when you do so.

Save 10% Off Bock Audio (Deal Ends 12/9/2019)
If you've been looking for a 251-style microphone, might we suggest the Bock 251. Created by David Bock to alleviate the stresses of vintage microphones (finding one with the right sound and maintenence), this 251 is built to last and carries the huge sound that one expects of the classic mic. When you pick up any Bock microphone before December 9th, you'll save 10%, which means $600 in savings on the Bock Audio 251.

20% Off Select Cascade Mics (Deal Ends 12/9/2019)
Fatten up your recordings with the thick, rich sound of the Cascade Fat Head II ribbon microphone. Great for guitars, horns, vocals, and drum overheads, the Fat Head II uses a hand-tuned ribbon for a warm, full-bodied sound. The Fat Head II offers a true figure 8 pattern for a wide, balanced stereo field. During our Black Friday Sale, you can also save $170 on a matched pair of Cascade Fat Head IIs, which come with a dedicated Blumlein bar for capturing immersive stereo recordings.

Save $50 On Select Electro-Voice Microphones (Deal Ends 12/4/2019)
Through December 4th, Electro-Voice is offering $50 off a number of the brand's microphones, including the ND76S. If you're looking for an effective microphone for small to medium sized venues, this mic is a great option! It's durable, its got a power switch, and it offers the crisp, clear, and balanced sound that you crave.

10% Off Select Flea Microphones (Deal Ends 12/9/2019)
Capture the sound of a classic this Black Friday with the FLEA 12. This large-diaphragm condenser microphone is an exact replica of the legendary AKG C12—right down to the GE 6072 tube. The FLEA 12 uses a custom-designed replica of the original C12 transformer to reproduce the same signature sonic characteristics. With three different polar patterns—cardioid, omni and bi-directional—the FLEA 12 is well-suited for a wide range of uses, but it’s neutral, balanced sound makes it ideal for vocals, acoustic instruments and ambient micing. Just like the original, the FLEA 12 comes with its own external power supply.

10% Off Gefell Microphones (Deal Ends 12/9/2019)
Any chance to bring home Gefell Microphones for less is great, but when you can pick up a stereo set of the M300, it's even better! The Vintage King Edition M300 stereo set features two M300s, an aluminum carrying case, and all the accoutrement for setting up your new microphones in stereo. If you're unfamiliar with the M300, these microphones were designed specifically for vocals and speech, but are also incredible for instrumental soloists.

30% Off Lauten Black Series / 20% Off Signature Series (Deal Ends 12/11/2019)
If you’re looking to capture the sound of a vintage tube mic on a budget, check out the Lauten Audio Series Black LA-320. This large-diaphragm vacuum tube condenser microphone features a one-inch gold-sputtered diaphragm with a fixed cardioid polar pattern, making it perfect for recording vocals. With a fixed high-pass filter at 120 Hz and a high-cut filter at 12 kHz, you can easily dial in the perfect sound right at the source.

Up to $50 Off Select Lewitt Microphones (Deal Ends 12/3/2019)
Lewitt are known for making surprisingly affordable microphones with professional sound quality, and the LCT440 Pure and LCT240 Pro are no exceptions. Both of these large-diaphragm condenser mics feature fixed cardioid polar patterns and a subtle presence boost, making them well-suited for capturing vocals. The LCT440 Pure also includes the LCT 50 PSx, a custom magnetic pop filter that perfectly integrates with the microphone to reduce plosives and improve audio quality without interfering with the vocalist’s performance.

Save $110 On The Mesanovic Microphones Model 2 - Stainless Steel Edition (Deal Ends 12/16/2019
Handcrafted in Detroit, Michigan, the Mesanovic Microphones Model 2 is a stainless steel ribbon microphone that sounds great on all sources. The microphone offers a smooth, flat extended response and quick transient response that makes it essential on vocals, guitar amps, drums, strings, brass, and piano.

10% Off Select Mojave Mics (Deal Ends 12/9/2019)
The Mojave Audio MA-300 is a multi-pattern large diaphragm, vacuum tube condenser microphone based on the innovative MA-200 designed by David Royer. Equipped with hand-selected, double diaphragm three-micron capsules, high-quality Jensen audio transformers and military-grade JAN 5840 vacuum tubes, the MA-300 delivers warm, full-bodied sound. Versatile features like a dedicated 15 dB pad and a switchable bass roll-off make it easy to accommodate all types of vocalists. Dial-in the perfect amount of ambience and room noise using the cutting-edge continuously variable polar pattern selector.

10% Off Pearlman Microphones (Deal Ends 12/9/2019)
Pearlman are known for making high-quality German tube microphones, and the TM 1 is no exception. Equipped with a six-micron gold-sputtered capsule and a New Old Stock tube modeled after the Telefunken VF14 tube used in the legendary Neumann U47, the TM 1 delivers a thick, rich sound. With hand-wired circuits and state-of-the-art CINEMAG transformers, the TM 1 is perfect for warming up sterile digital recordings.

10% Off Royer Labs Microphones (Deal Ends 12/3/2019)
The Royer Labs R-121 is a modern ribbon microphone with a flat frequency response, an impressive dynamic range, and a wide stereo field. Known for its balanced, natural sound, the R-121 captures acoustic performances with stunning realism. Widely used on electric guitars, brass instruments and drums, the R-121’s figure-8 pattern conveys superb ambiance and depth when used for room micing. Unlike traditional ribbon mics, the R-121 features extremely low residual noise and smooth phase linearity for a classic vintage sound without any of the hassle.

Save Up To $400 on sE Microphones (Deal Ends 12/6/2019)
Upgrade your drum recordings this Black Friday with big savings on the sE Electronics V Kick Drum Mic, which features two versatile tone-shaping controls for dialing in different kick drum sounds. Choose between the Classic setting for a rich, warm tone, or the Modern setting for a scooped, punchy sound. Specially designed for kick drums, the V Kick Drum Mic features an adjustable swivel mount for quick and easy mic placement on any kit. The V Beat Drum Mic is another microphone that is custom-tuned for recording snares and toms. Combined with a compact, flexible form factor and excellent off-axis rejection, the V BEAT is tailor-made for close-micing drum kits—but it also works great on guitar cabs and even brass instruments.

Up to $100 Off Select Sennheiser Microphones (Deal Ends 12/31/2019)
Save $30 on the classic Sennheiser e 609 and treat yourself to the big, fat guitar recordings you’ve always wanted this holiday season. Based on the legendary Sennheiser MD 409 microphone, the e 609 is known for its edgy midrange and brilliant highs, making it a go-to mic for guitar cabs. Its super-cardioid pickup pattern and rugged construction makes the e 609 a solid choice for live sound applications. Plus, the e 609 also works great for drum micing, especially toms!

Up To $50 Off Select Shure Microphones (Deal Ends 12/31/2019)
When it comes to working in the studio or in a live venue, Shure microphones are practically a necessity to get your work done. Throughout December, many of the brand's classic microphones, including the SM57-LC, are dropping in price. Save $10 on the SM57-LC and bring home this essential dynamic microphone today.

Save $999 On Sony C800G Pac & $204 On Sony C-100
Sony is offering savings on the brand's two studio microphones, the C800G Pac and C-100. The C800G Pac is fantastic large dual-diaphragm condenser that has become known for being a classic microphone in the world of hip-hop and pop music. The C-100 is a side-address condenser that is compatible with Sony High-Resolution Audio and has an extended frequency response from 20 Hz up to 50 kHz.

10% Off Soundelux Microphones (Deal Ends 12/9/2019)
During our Black Friday Sale, Soundelux microphones are 10% off, making this the perfect time to pick up a U99 tube microphone. The U99 is Soundelux's take on the classic U67 and features a k67 dual symmetrical bacplate dual membrane capsule, the brand's signature "fat" switch, and a "boost-flat-cut" switch. This mic can provide creamy vocals with air, bright drums with depth and beautiful piano takes.

Save $120 On The Soyuz 023 Bomblet
The Soyuz SU-023 Bomblet is a large-diaphragm FET condenser microphone featuring a capsule modeled after the famous European LOMO 19A19 microphone of the 60s and 70s. The Bomblet utilizes a unique triple backplate system and special toroidal core transformer to deliver a truly one-of-a-kind sound. This colorful condenser is oozing with character—perfect for piano, drum overheads, acoustic guitar and more. Each Bomblet is 100% handmade in Russia by master machinists to ensure the highest quality construction.


10% Off Select Warm Audio Microphones
The WA-47 is oozing with analog warmth. With an all vacuum tube, transformer-balanced design and custom reproduction of the vintage k47 style capsule, the WA-47 captures a vintage style tone on a smaller budgt. This mic sounds great on everything from vocals to acoustic and electric guitars to drums and even orchestral instruments. And with nine selectable polar patterns, the WA-47 makes it easy to dial in the perfect amount of ambiance.

10% Off Wunder Audio Microphones
Another mic inspired by the legendary Neumann U47, the Wunder Audio CM7 FET Suprema is phantom powered, which removes the need for a tube PSU. While the U47 was known for being quite noisy, the CM7 FET Suprema employs an ultra-low noise JFET transistor coupled with a Neve 1073 style mic pre transformer for class-leading performance. Equipped with a custom capsule based on the post-1966 Neumann design and an exact replica of the original grille, the CM7 FET Suprema sounds even better than the original, with lower lows and higher highs.

Red Microphone M49/M50 Yoke Mount on Sale for $75
Need a replacement or backup yoke mount for your Neumann mic? Now is the time to buy! Save $25 on the Red Microphones M49/M50 Yoke Mount, designed to fit Neumann M49, M50, M149, M150, M249, or M250 microphones.

Thomas O'ConorHave questions about any of these Black Friday microphone deals? Want to save on a different microphone you don't see on our list? Contact a Vintage King Audio Consultant via email or by phone at 866.644.0160.