What a year it has been in the world of pro audio! When it comes to the way we listen to the projects we're working on, many of our customers stood by the speakers that have always gotten the job done. Thus, our list of the best selling studio monitors of 2019 is packed with staples that we know and love.

Continue reading below to discover the top ten studio monitors that made our list, including speakers from brands like Barefoot Sound, ATC Loudspeakers, Focal, ADAM Audio, and many more. You'll get a breakdown of what makes each monitor special and gain more insight into why each cracked our bestseller list.

1. Barefoot Sound Footprint 01

The Footprint 01 offers the same cutting-edge technology as Barefoot’s flagship studio monitors into a compact, affordable package. With four class-leading drivers and an active three-way design, the Footprint 01 delivers an extended frequency range up to 45 kHz for smooth, brilliant highs. And with Barefoot’s patented Dual-Force technology, the Footprint 01 pumps out powerful low-end all the way down to 36 Hz. Equipped with an innovative one-inch dual ring radiating tweeter, Footprint 01 monitors provide an extremely wide sweet spot. And with Barefoot’s patented Multi-Emphasis Monitor Emulation, or MEME technology, you can instantly alter the frequency response of the Footprint 01 with classic monitor profiles like “old school,” “cube,” and “hi-fi.” With an impressive 650 Watts of power, Footprint 01 studio monitors deliver powerful, accurate sound.

2. ATC Loudspeakers SCM25A Pro

ATC SCM Series studio monitors use an innovative three-way design with a custom three-inch midrange driver to deliver pristine sound quality. And with a built-in 235 W class A/B amplifier driving a handmade seven-inch carbon-paper cone bass driver, you can rest assured that the SCM25A studio monitors deliver deep, rich low-end with minimal distortion. Unlike studio monitors with hyped-highs and boomy lows, SCM Series studio monitors feature a flat, neutral frequency response that make it easy to identify issues in your tracks and create mixes that translate well to any system.

3. Focal Alpha 65

The Focal Alpha 65 is tailor-made for home studios. With a cutting-edge 6.5-inch poly-glass driver, a 1-inch aluminum inverted dome tweeter, and a powerful 70W amplifier, Focal Alpha 65 monitors deliver stunning sound quality. Ideal for producing, recording or mixing, Focal Alpha 65 studio monitors deliver balanced, consistent sound with minimal directivity—even in small rooms. Focal Alpha 65 studio monitors feature optimal acoustic integration, making them less sensitive to frequency buildups from nearby walls. And with both XLR and RCA inputs, you can connect up to two audio sources, making it easy to use Focal Alpha 65 monitors for listening to music, playing video games or watching videos during downtime at the studio.

4. ADAM Audio A7X

Based on the legendary A7 studio monitors, the award-winning A7X studio monitors combine ADAM Audio’s patented X-ART tweeter design with a custom seven-inch woofer and a 50 Watt A/B amplifier to deliver detailed, balanced sound. With an extended frequency range from 42 Hz all the way up to 50 kHz, A7X studio monitors offer class-leading clarity. And with a kevlar-coated honeycomb woofer, A7X monitors are capable of pumping out plenty of volume without ever breaking up or distorting. Combined with a highly-efficient Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) amplifier, A7X studio monitors can reach levels up to 114 dB SPL. Top it all off with a stylish design and a price tag that won’t break the bank and it’s no wonder why the A7X was one of the best-selling studio monitors of 2019.

5. Yamaha HS8

Inspired by the iconic NS10 studio monitors of the 1970s, the new Yamaha HS8 studio monitors utilize the same classic two-way design as the original. Equipped with an eight-inch cone woofer and a one-inch dome tweeter, HS8 studio monitors feature an extended frequency range from 38 Hz all the way up to 30 kHz for rich lows, accurate mids and detailed highs. And with 120 Watts of bi-amplified power, HS8 studio monitors pump out plenty of bass with minimal distortion, even at high volumes. Combined with intuitive room control and high trim controls for fine-tuning the frequency response, HS8 monitors are ideal for home studios and small commercial spaces.

6. Neumann KH 120

The Neumann KH 120 studio monitors pack a surprising amount of power and low-end into such a compact package. Based on the legendary Klein+Hummel O 110 studio monitors, KH 120 series monitors utilize an active two-way design with a five-inch woofer and a one-inch fabric dome tweeter to deliver a balanced, neutral frequency response from 52 Hz to 21 kHz. And with a built-in 80W amplifier, KH 120 monitors are capable of reaching SPLs up to 114 dB. At just 11-inches tall, these compact studio monitors are ideal for smaller facilities.

7. Barefoot Sound MicroMain26

If you love the all-in-one approach to Barefoot monitoring, but you’re looking for something that offers a little more output and bass response than the Footprint 01, the MicroMain26 is the perfect solution. With six cutting-edge drivers, including two 10-inch subwoofers, two 5-inch woofers, an all-new 2.5-inch aluminum cone midrange driver and Barefoot’s patented 1-inch dual-ring radiating tweeter, the MicroMain26 offers an extended frequency response from 30 Hz all the way up to 45 kHz for powerful lows and silky-smooth highs. And with more than 1,100 Watts of power, the MicroMain26 is ideal for medium to large-sized control rooms.

8. ADAM Audio S2V

Those who love the sound of ADAM studio monitors but are looking for built-in DSP and advanced networking capabilities should check out the ADAM Audio S2V. Equipped with an all-new 7-inch Extended Linear Excursion (ELE) bass driver and a newly-designed S-ART tweeter based on ADAM’s world-famous X-ART tweeter design, Audio SV2 monitors deliver unparalleled detail and clarity. With a high-performance DSP-powered crossover, Audio SV2 monitors offer class-leading frequency response and an extended dynamic range.

9. Focal Trio6 Be

Unlike the streamlined ALPHA 65, the Focal Trio6 Be utilizes a zero-compromises design to deliver unparalleled performance. Equipped with an eight-inch subwoofer, a five-inch woofer, and a one-inch tweeter, the Trio6 studio monitor offers balanced, neutral sound. The Trio6 studio monitor features two voice modes; in three-way mode, it offers an impressive frequency range of 35 Hz - 40, and in two-way mode, it offers a frequency response from 90 Hz - 20 kHz for a more focused sound.

10. Amphion One15

If you’re looking for a passive monitor with a flat frequency response and a wide sweet spot, check out the Amphion One15. With custom-designed drivers, a high-density Corian waveguide, and a sealed enclosure with a passive radiator, these innovative studio monitors deliver totally transparent sound.

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