Alright, the turkey was carved, you passed out from eating too much, and you've finally made it to Black Friday. Just when you thought there couldn't possibly be any more deals, the world's best pedal and synth brands have dropped a ton of new deals for you to take advantage.

Continue reading to discover all of the ways you can save on pedals and synthesizers this Black Friday, learn what deals brands are offering and get the lowdown on some of our favorite gear on sale. Don't see what you want listed below? Give us a ring at 866.644.0160 and we'll give you hand!

15% Chase Bliss Audio Pedals (Deal Ends 12/2/2019)
While all Chase Bliss Audio pedals are on sale, we're shining a spotlight on the Mood. This is a granular delay and loop pedal that offers superb spacial effects that fits right in your guitar’s signal chain. On one side of the pedal, you've got Delay, Reverb, and Slip options. On the second channel, you've got a dedicated looping station that allows you to slice the loops, freeze them, stretch, and more. Integrate the two channels together at the same time for a whole different world of sounds. 

15% off EarthQuaker Devices Swiss Things Pedalboard Reconciler (Deal Ends 12/2/2019)
The Earthquaker Devices Swiss Things makes signal routing with your guitar rig clean, concise, and versatile. With two effects loops, a tuner output, and a Flexi-Switch AB-Y box all built-in, Earthquaker Devices enables you to set up separate signal chains with ease by using the Swiss Things unit. With a single click, you’re able to engage or bypass all effects, and also make use of more than one amp without unwanted noise. Eliminate cable runs and routing headaches with the Swiss Things this Black Friday.

Save on Elektron Synths & Samplers (Deal Ends 12/8/2019)
Elektron has a number of items on sale this Black Friday, but we're talking all things Octatrack here. This is a familar face to some, and the Octatrack MKII makes great upgrades. Users and synth fans alike will remember the basics, the Octatrack is an 8-track sampler and MIDI sequencer, with some great built-in effects. Make custom samples, pitch shift them, stretch the timing, and more with the Octatrack. New for the MKII are back-lit buttons with ultra-high durability, and OLED screen making for better functionality in dim environments, higher headroom, and more buttons that will lead to more efficient working.

20% off Gamechanger Plus, Plasma Pedal and Footswitch Pedal (Deal Ends 12/2/2019)
The Gamechanger Plasma might just be the most high tech distortion pedal you’ll ever see. Using a Xenon filled tube to produce distortion from your guitar’s signal, the resulting sound will keep you wanting more. Super clear driven tones immediately make this pedal feel luxurious, and because of the topology of this pedal, it functions as a noise gate too. With a wide cut and boost option for both high’s and low’s, the tone options are quite shapeable. The Plasma is more of a creative experience to be had, than simply an advanced distortion unit.

$100 Off Select Moog Synthesizers (Deal Ends 12/9/2019)
Moog is offering some killer deals this Black Friday, including saving $100 off the best-selling Grandmother synthesizer. This 32 key synth has the same semi-modular style design as the Matriarch, with an incredible array of patch points across several modules that allow for deep sound exploration. This synth features a fully analog sound and modulation engine, along with a great spring reverb onboard.

Up to $50 Off Select Novation Gear (Deal Ends 12/31/2019)
If you're looking for keyboard controllers, look no further than Novation. The brand's Launchkey 25 is a quality compact keyboard controller, but with more detail and control parameters than any of it’s competitors. With over 50 physical controls, the Launchkey can also be powerfully used as a controller for parameters with your DAW. Featuring 16 light up trigger pads, the Launchkey is excellent for both keyboard duties, as well as software control.

Up to 20% off Red Panda Pedals (Deal Ends 12/2/2019)
The Tensor offers several time based effects from the convenience of a pedal. With the Tensor, you can stretch, pitch shift, and reverse guitar parts in real time. With the Hold control, you can loop signals, and overdub on top of them with up to 4.8 seconds of signal. Enjoy tape stops, rewind effects, and more from the multi effect unit from Red Panda.

Free 10pk VK Eurorack Cables w/ Modular Synth Purchase (Deal Ends 12/9/2019)
If you’re thinking of adding onto your modular synth rig, now’s the time. During our Black Friday sale, make any purchase of a new modular synth, and we’ll toss in a 10 pack of our Eurorack Cables. You pick the synth, we’ve got the patching covered.

Free Rock Stock Bright Switch w/ Pedal Purchase of $299+ (Deal Ends 12/9/2019)
As your guitar pedalboard grows, you’re probably noticing the need for more visibility in the often dim venues. During the Black Friday sale, if you end up with a guitar pedal of $299 or more, we’ll toss in the Rock Stock Bright Switch. This unit is a great little light for your pedalboard that mounts right on. Think more control and lighting in a small footprint.

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