Black Friday and Cyber Monday are always your opportunity to take advantage of the best prices of the year on plug-ins and software. This year, some of our biggest brands, including Avid, Antelope, Universal Audio, and more, have created some truly exceptional ways for you to save.

Read through our blog below to discover all of the ways you can bring home plug-ins, bundles, and DAW software for less this year at Vintage King Audio. Each section offers up a link to all of the software on sale by brand and breaks down some of the best individual options for saving.

Free Antares Auto-Tune Synergy, Vocal Bundle, and Edge Solo Microphone with purchase of Antelope Audio Synergy Core Interface (Deal Ends 12/15/2019)
If you're looking for a promo that will get you some bang for your buck, look no further than Antelope Audio's Black Friday offering. When you purchase any new Synergy Core interface, you'll get an incredible package of free plug-ins, including the new Antares Auto-Tune Synergy and the Vocal FX Bundle. The Vocal FX Bundle features emulations of the BAE1073MP, Lang-PEQ2, OPTO-2a, and Tubechild670. If these free plug-ins aren't enough, you'll also get a free Edge Solo microphone with your new interface. This single-capsule large-diaphragm condenser modeling microphone gives the ability to emulate classic mics and audition them in the studio in real-time.

Audionamix Xtrax Stems and IDC $49 Each (Deal Ends 12/8/2019)
Audionamix is known for making innovative mixing tools that help engineers quickly and easily repair recordings. This Black Friday, two of their most popular plug-ins are on sale for just $49 each. XTRAX STEMS is the world’s first fully-automatic stem creator. Designed for DJs, music producers, and remix artists, XTRAX STEMS automatically separates songs into stems for drums, vocals, and music.

Instant Dialogue Cleaner uses realtime, cloudless speech separation technology to reduce background interference without compromising the integrity of the dialogue. Ideal for post-production engineers and dialogue editors, IDC is the perfect solution for removing wind, room tone, car sounds and more.

Avid 15% Off Pro Tools (Deal Ends 12/2/2019)
If you’ve been waiting to make the jump the industry-standard DAW, now is the time. Save 15% on both the perpetual license and one-year subscription options for Avid Pro Tools, both of which include 12 months of updates and support, and a free iLok!

Pro Tools has everything you need to get from the first note to the final mix, including versatile recording, editing and mixing features, a wide range of virtual instruments, and more than 2 GB of professional-sounding loops, samples, and sound effects. Pro Tools even offers seamless video editing and full scale 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound mixing for films.

Up To $500 Off iZotope Software (Deal Ends 12/10/2019)
Pick up Dialogue Match from iZotope for $100 off this Black Friday and speed up your dialogue editing from hours to seconds. iZotope Dialogue Match is the world’s first tool capable of learning and matching the sonic character of dialogue recordings. Ideal for re-recording mixers who need a way to quickly match dialogue from different sources, Dialogue Match features EQ, reverb, and ambience matching technology that automatically applies the sonic attributes of one recording directly onto another, creating a seamless and cohesive dialogue performance.

50% Off Select Lexicon Software (Deal Ends 1/1/2020)
Save big on the Lexicon PCM Native Total Plug-In Bundle this holiday season and capture the iconic sound of Lexicon effects. Choose from 14 legendary Lexicon reverb and effects plug-ins, including hundreds of professionally-crafted presets. The PCM Native Total Bundle includes the seven unique reverb plug-ins from the award-winning PCM Native Reverb Plug-in Bundle, including Vintage Plate, Plate, Hall, Room, and Chamber reverbs. This bundle also includes seven unique effects plug-ins from the recently-released PCM Native Effects Plug-in Bundle, such as Pitch Shift, Chorus, Dual Delay, Stringbox and more.

Up To 75% Off McDSP Software (Deal Ends 12/1/2019)
McDSP is known for their realistic-sounding analog-modeled plug-ins. With huge savings on all of their software this Black Friday, it can be tough to choose which plug-in to pick up, so why not get them all? The Everything Pack is just $999 and includes everything McDSP has to offer. Choose from EQs modeled after classic analog consoles, compressors inspired by vintage tube designs, and even virtual tape machines. The Everything Pack also includes a variety of proprietary plug-ins, including multi-band dynamic processors, reverbs, de-essers, noise filters, and "futz" tools.

Up To $60 Off Select Presonus Software (Deal Ends 12/1/2019)
Studio One 4 Professional provides the tools and flexibility for musicians to follow their own musical path. With flexible writing tools for songwriters, versatile arranging tools for EDM and hip-hop producers, and even advanced mastering features for finalizing tracks, Studio One provides an efficient, creative companion from initial inspiration to final master. With intuitive editing tools, advanced virtual instruments and over 20 GB of carefully curated content, it’s no wonder that Studio One is quickly becoming one of the most popular DAWs among aspiring artists and engineers.

40% Off Sonarworks Reference 4 Studio Edition w/ Microphone (Deal Ends 12/3)
Sonarworks Reference 4 is the ultimate plug-in for anyone working in a home studio or small commercial space. When you purchase the plug-in this Black Friday, you'll recieve the hyper-linear XREF20 measurement mic for free. This mic is used with the Reference 4 Measure software to identify frequency problems with your system. After analyzing your environment, Reference 4 will create a custom EQ profile for your studio monitors or headphones, delivering balanced sound that makes it easier than ever to achieve translation to any system. This EQ curve can be applied to your entire system using the Reference 4 Systemwide plug-in, or directly to your Master output using the Reference 4 DAW plugin.

Up To 75% Off Sonnox Software (Deal Ends 12/4/2019)
Sonnox is known for its innovative and pristine-sounding digital signal processors. For a limited time, you can save $58 on their best-selling Sonnox Oxford Drum Gate, which uses precise transient detection and intelligent drum-type matching to effortlessly separate transients from background noise. The decay curve adapts to the velocity of each drum hit, giving you consistent spill reduction on dynamic performances. Use the spectral decay editor to preserve the resonance, ring, or rattle of each drum hit while quickly clamping down on the spill to eliminate bleed. With real-time MIDI output and MIDI file capture, Drum Gate can also be used to accurately trigger drum samples.

Up To $250 Off SoundToys Plug-Ins (Deal Ends 12/4/2019)
SoundToys are known for their innovative and original signal processors, inspired in equal parts by classic analog designs and versatile digital workflows. This holiday season, you can snag the whole bundle for $250 off! The SoundToys 5 Bundle brings together the entire range of SoundToys audio effects into one powerful collection. Dial-in retro delays with EchoBoy and Primal Tap 5. Add subtle to extreme hardware-modeled saturation with the legendary Decapitator and Radiator plug-ins. This is just the tip of the iceberg!

Get Premium Analog Sounds & Auto-Tune Free With Universal Audio Apollo x4, Apollo Twin X, and Arrow (Deal Ends 12/31/2019)
Universal Audio always fantastic deals revolving around the brand's world-class plug-ins and this Black Friday is no different. When you pick up any Universal Audio desktop interface, you're going to receive an incredible bevy of free plug-ins. Here's a breakdown of what you'll get based on what you buy:

Universal Audio Desktop Interface Promotion With Free Plug-Ins

Buy This: Get These Plug-Ins Free: Total Plug-In Value:
Universal Audio Apollo Twin X QUAD
Universal Audio Apollo x4
Teletronix LA-2A Classic Leveler Collection
Pultec Passive EQ Collection
1176 Classic Limiter Collection
Fairchild Tube Limiter Collection
UA 610 Tube Preamp & EQ Collection
Antares Auto-Tune Advanced
Universal Audio Apollo Twin X DUO Teletronix LA-2A Classic Leveler Collection
Pultec Passive EQ Collection
1176 Classic Limiter Collection
Fairchild Tube Limiter Collection
UA 610 Tube Preamp & EQ Collection
Antares Auto-Tune Access
Universal Audio Arrow Antares Auto-Tune Access $99
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