To know Zach Fisher and Jack Ruley is to know two best friends living out their best lives. Shooting guns for sport out in Joshua Tree? Check. Playing stoner rock opuses in a band called Jurassic Witch? Oh yeah! Building one of the most awe-inspiring new recording studios in Los Angeles? Not only did they do it, but they did it with impeccable aesthetic and gear selection.

Big Bad Sound originally started out in Zach's house in Silver Lake, but the size of the artists he was working with quickly outgrew his homestead. Jack quit his job to help Zach grow the studio, and the two ultimately settled on moving to a former movie prop house they found while looking for spaces.

The two-room build-out at Big Bad Sound would take several years, but you would never think that standing inside the current day facilities. The sprawling live room and control room of Studio A feels simultaneously fresh while offering up the vibes of much-beloved studios like Sunset Sound. From the darkened wood and racks of analog outboard gear to the beautiful API console and Neve sidecar, all the makings of a vintage studio are here.

The recently completed Studio B is akin to something you'd see on the inner sleeve of a Beach Boys record. The room (which is meant for overdubs and mixing), features checkerboard tiled floor, putting green-colored baffling, and other classic acoustic treatments. More analog outboard pieces fill the racks, like Zach's beloved Tree Audio Branch II, the Empirical Labs Distressor EL8, and Spectra 1964 Model C610.

In our new Inside Look, we head into Big Bad Sound and talk with Zach and Jack further about their experience of building out the studio and the gear in each room. Watch the video below and continue on afterward for more photos from Big Bad Sound.

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