Nestled in among the other small one-level buildings in the sleepy beachside streets of Ventura, California, sits an unassuming old storefront. The sun-baked exterior and paper-lined windows offer a distinct contrast to what lay inside, the brain trust of one of the world's exciting pedal makers, Meris.


Unboxing a Meris pedal or 500 Series module is an experience unlike any other. This is thanks in part to Engineer/Founder Terry Burton, DSP Engineer/VP Angelo Mazzocco, and Creative Director Jinna Kim. Each aspect of the brand's products, whether it be packaging and artwork or design and function, offer up a connective aesthetic and sound that is distinctly their own.


"It was a pretty conscious thing from the conception of the company that we had clear ideas of how we wanted to do product development," Terry says. "The first part is that we always wanted to make sure that what we were creating felt not like an accessory or effect, but felt like an instrument... The second part was that every product needed to have a concept. Usually, we start with a concept and then develop the product from there. For example, Mercury 7 was all based on the Blade Runner soundtrack and how it sounded."


In our latest Inside Look, we talk further with Terry and Angelo at Meris about their shared journey in the audio industry, the influences behind their gear and their collaborative process. Continue below to watch and continue after the video for photos from inside Meris HQ.

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