We all have different approaches to our craft, whether it be our gear preferences or unique techniques for tracking, mixing, and mastering. In our new series, Vintage King Workflow, we're celebrating the beauty of how our favorite engineers and producers create art and asking them to show us their methods.

Maxton Waller was playing in rock bands when he first moved to California in 2007, but quickly transitioned full-time into composing for film and television. Since becoming a Los Angeles resident, he's racked up an incredible resume including scoring the Hulu Original Series RocketJump: The ShowStan Lee’s Cosmic Crusaders, and SpacePOP.

Waller recently took the leap into the world of Audio Over IP and got some help setting up his home studio from Vintage King. The goal was simple. Give Waller the ability to easily share files and streamline his process. The two ultimately landed on a Dante set-up featuring the Focurite RedNet 5 and Red8 Pre.

Watch our new Vintage King Workflow video below to learn how Maxton is using his new Audio Over IP set-up and how he creates his compositions.

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