Last week, the API Audio crew were set to visit Vintage King for a day of talking all things pro audio at the historic company. We thought while we had them here, we'd ask Vintage King Instagram followers to submit their questions to ask API. Continue on below to read our interview with API Audio Director of Sales Dan Zimbelman and Account Manager Mark Seman. The duo fields questions on new products, best-selling gear and the potential for a free rack full of golden 312 and 550A 500 Series modules. Do you recommend anyone buy your 500 Series EQ for Mixing? Mark Seman: Absolutely, they are fantastic for mixing. They beat the plug-ins by a mile. Dan Zimbelman: Since 1971, the classic 550A and 560 equalizers have been used for mixing, tracking, and general recording and are among the most sought after equalizers in the world. Will there be more 200 Series? MS: Probably not, we have the 205, 212, 215, 225 and the 235. They are compact and great for recording, Dave Matthews, John McBride, Phish all use 212s on their live rig. DZ: The 200 series modules were developed for API large format consoles, the Legacy Series and the Vision. They are also available for outboard usage, and can be powered with our L200 Rack, holding 12 of the 200 modules, clients choice. What's API's best selling product of all time? DZ: Definitely the mic pres, both 512C, 512V and 3124MV. What's the difference between a 525 and 527? DZ: Big difference! 525s are old school, perfect for piano or female vocals. 527s are a more modern compressor with more control. The feed back and feed forward on the 527s make it a modern classic. Will API create a mixer like the SSL SiX? DZ: All API products, from one mic pre to a Vision console, use the same components, the 2520 Discrete Op Amp and our proprietary transformers and are truly professional devices. In order to build a product with the API name on it and stay true to our philosophy, all API products must use the same circuits and components, sound the same and feature the same performance. So it's not possible for us to build a product like the SSL Six. We choose to stay true to what makes API the greatest sounding console line in the world. After all, it’s all about the sound. Would you consider creating a smaller format mixer under $10k? DZ: That’s a nice idea. We are looking at expanding APIs offerings. We do offer the fantastic Box-II console, which is just a bit more expensive and offers outstanding features, as well as the same audio performance found in the Legacy and Vision console series. Can I get a lunchbox filled with the gold 312 and 550as? DZ: Sure, we still have some 312s available, Unfortunately, the 550As are completely sold out and soon to become "collectors items." Will there ever be a 2500 compressor in the 500 Series format? MS: We do make one! It’s the 529! It won a TEC award in 2019. DZ: The 529 is a baby 2500 in the 500 format and the only 2U 500 series API makes. It fits perfectly into our 500 Series Racks as well as into The Box-II Console, the 1608-II, 2448 and Legacy consoles. Any live mixing consoles coming in the near future? MS: Hmmm... Never want to say never. How did API come up with the design for their knobs? MS: The genius of Saul Walker. I’m pretty sure Vemaline made them with his design. When is API going to come out with a summing mixer again? DZ: Well, I would point out that The Box-II console is a summing mixer on steroids and gives you an unbeatable package! Why hasn't API made a .5db/1db 550 EQ for the 500 Series yet? MS: We do, it’s the 5500, that is in essence made for Sterling Mastering. These EQs were made for tracking, mixing, and mastering.
Josh FrostIf you have any questions about the API Audio gear mentioned in this blog, contact a Vintage King Audio Consultant via email or by phone at 866.644.0160