Since the 500 Series format became en vogue, the Retro Instruments Doublewide has been one of the best selling modules at Vintage King. As its name implies, the Doublewide takes up two rack spaces offering premium single channel compression with huge, tube-powered punch via your lunchbox.

Late last year, Retro Instruments announced a new successor to the compressor, the Doublewide II. This new version features faster attack and release time, stereo linking capabilities and a greatly improved signal to noise ratio. The Doublewide 2 still features the signature Single and Double timing modes that made the original such a favorite on drums, bass and well… Just about everything.

Watch our new demo video below to hear the Retro Instruments Doublewide II in action. We've used this 500 Series module on performances from Olivia Millerschin (Vocals) and Bryan Reilly (Electric Guitar, Bass, Drums).

Chris KarnIf you’re interested in purchasing the Retro Instruments Doublewide II or have any questions about the 500 Series compressor, contact a Vintage King Audio Consultant via email or by phone at 866.644.0160