The phrase "If these walls could talk," gets thrown around a lot, but if the surroundings at Gold-Diggers spoke up, we'd be all ears. Whether the location served as Ed Wood's movie set, Slayer's practice space or the home to LA's finest exotic dancers, something interesting has always been going down at 5632 Santa Monica Blvd.

That continues to remain true today, as recording studio owner Dave Trumfio recently took over the space and has built out an extremely unique complex. The facilities at Gold-Diggers now include state-of-the-art recording facilities with nine studios and large sound stage, a bar/live music venue, and rock star-worthy hotel.

"There's a very home, yet modern feel to the hotel, the studios, and all parts of the campus," Trumfio says. "It was important that it wasn't sterile or overdone, one way or the other. We just wanted it to have 'This is my apartment" or "This is my house" kind of feel." In our latest Inside Look, we're going inside Gold-Diggers to meet up with Dave Trumfio and talk about the transformation of the complex. Watch the video below to check out the studio space, including the new API Audio 2448 that we recently installed.

Jeff EhrenbergIf you would like to learn more about any of the gear at Gold-Diggers Sound or want help outfitting your studio, contact a Vintage King Audio Consultant via email or by phone at 866.644.0160.