Earlier today at the Summer NAMM Show in Nashville, Tennessee, pro audio giant Avid announced the release of the Avid S4 Control Surface and S1 Control Surface. These two new control surfaces streamline Avid’s best selling S6 and S3 control surfaces to offer a space-friendly option for medium to smaller sizes recording and mixing facilities.

Continue reading our new Buyer's Guide below to get a complete breakdown of what you can expect from the Avid S4 and S1 control surfaces. If you'd like to speak with a Vintage King Audio Consultant about either Avid control surface or put in your pre-order now, please contact us via email or by phone at 866.644.0160


The Avid S4 is a customizable semi-modular control surface that harnesses the mixing power of the award-winning Avid S6 in a smaller, more affordable package. Available in four base configurations, the S4 can be customized to suit any workflow. All four configurations are fully EUCON-enabled and offer intelligent control over Pro Tools, Nuendo, Pyramix, Logic Pro, Cubase, and other audio software for complete hands-on control of any project. You can even mix tracks from two different DAWs simultaneously.


Each base configuration of the S4 is equipped with a Master Touch Module, an Automation Module and at least one of the newly-designed Channel Strip Modules. Let’s see how each of these modules can be used to improve your workflow.


At the heart of every S4 control surface is the Master Touch Module, which offers quick access to your mix and control parameters using the 12.1-inch multipoint touchscreen. Eight rotary encoders and an array of knobs and keys offer complete control over every parameter of your session.

The MTM also offers comprehensive monitor control. Easily adjust talkback, listenback, speaker sources and monitor levels right from the surface—perfect for everything from simple cue mixes during tracking sessions to monitoring immersive audio projects.


Equipped with a dedicated Automation Module, the S4 offers the same advanced controls as other high-end Avid consoles in a compact package. Navigate and automate projects with full transport controls, a shuttle/jog wheel, a focus fader, automation control, a numeric keypad, and more.


Each configuration of the S4 features at least one of the newly-designed Channel Strip Modules, or CSMs. Each CSM features eight-channel faders with four assignable top-lit rotary knobs per channel for a total of 32 knobs per module, as well as a number of assignable keys and switches.

The CSM is your home-base when mixing or editing projects and offers complete control over track levels, plugins, and any crucial session parameters. S4 surfaces can support up to three CSMs for a total of 24 faders.


The Avid S4’s semi-modular design can be customized to suit any workflow. In addition to the core components, each S4 can be outfitted with a number of optional modules, tailor-made for a variety of applications.


Each S4 can support up to four additional Display Modules, which feature a high-resolution TFT monitor for displaying channel names, meters, routing, groups and even scrolling Pro Tools waveforms for extensive visual insight into your mix.


For those who prefer a more hands-on approach, the S4 also supports an additional two Attention Knob Modules, which provide 32 assignable top-lit knobs each for quickly adjusting plugins, EQ, DYN, pan positions and more.


Ideal for post-production projects, the Joystick Module is perfect for mixing surround sound and immersive audio formats like Dolby Atmos or Ambisonics. Position sounds by using dual touch-sensitive joysticks with TFT and OLED displays.


The Post Module enables you to switch between listening to recorded tracks and surface inputs using two rows of 10 PEC/DIRECT paddles for quickly A/Bing multiple sound sources.


The Avid S4 control surface is currently available in four base configurations. While each configuration includes a Master Touch Module, an Automation Module, and at least one Channel Strip Module, each model can be customized with your preferred modules to suit any workflow.

8-Fader, 3-Foot Base Configuration

The S4—8-fader, 3-foot base configuration is the most compact surface in the S4 series. With a streamlined 3-foot base, this model includes one Channel Strip Module and can support an additional module for 16 total faders. Its compact frame makes it perfect for smaller recording studios, independent music mixers, and smaller rooms and mastering suites.

16-Fader, 4-Foot Base Configuration

The S4—16-fader, 4-foot base configuration combines extensive customization options with a compact footprint, making it a perfect fit for independent mixers, small to mid-sized music studios, audio post-production facilities, and media education facilities. With two Channel Strip Models and room for a third, this model can be customized for immersive audio mixing, sound design, ADR, Foley, and sound editing projects.

16-Fader, 5-Foot Base Configuration

The S4—16-fader, 5-foot base configuration is the most flexible surface in the S4 series with extensive customization options, making it ideal mid-sized music studios, audio post production facilities and media education facilities. With 16 faders and a robust 5-foot frame for additional modules, this model can be configured for music production, audio post, or even a hybrid of the two.

24-Fader, 5-Foot Base Configuration

The S4—24-fader, 5-foot base configuration is the largest and most expansive surface in the S4 series, making it ideal for mid-size music studios, large audio post facilities with editing suites, and media education facilities. With three Channel Strip Modules and plenty of space for optional modules, this module is perfect for professional music mixers, small to midsize music studios, audio post facilities and media education facilities.


S4 is designed to accelerate your mix so you can take on and turn around projects more quickly. Perfect for smaller recording studios, independent mixers and mastering engineers, the S4 combines the convenience of digital workflows with the hands-on control of analog consoles. With comprehensive monitor controls, S4 is capable of mixing in stereo, surround sound and immersive audio formats like Dolby Atmos, making it ideal for audio-post production facilities. And with a compact, semi-modular design, S4 is the perfect control solution for media education facilities. From music recording and production, to sound design, Dolby Atmos mixing, and re-recording workflows, the Avid S4 is here to help you improve your craft.


Inspired by the best-selling Avid S3, the S1 delivers the same intuitive interface and rich visual feedback in a streamlined package. Ideal for producers, engineers and sound designers, the S1 offers everything you need to accelerate your workflow and deliver great mixes more quickly than ever.


The S1 packs an array of powerful mixing tools into a compact, streamlined control surface that fits neatly between your monitor and your keyboard. Equipped with motorized faders, touch-sensitive knobs and customizable soft keys, the S1 has everything you need for total hands-on control over your mix. Mute and solo tracks, fine-tune plugin parameters and write automation with unprecedented speed and precision.


Powered by EUCON, Avid’s high-speed Ethernet control protocol, S1 is infinitely more powerful than traditional USB controllers. S1 offers full touch controls for Pro Tools and Media Composer, plus native support for third-party audio and video applications, including Logic Pro, Cubase, Premiere Pro, and more. You can even toggle between multiple applications at the touch of a button.


In addition to the on-board high-resolution OLED displays, S1 seamlessly integrates with Avid’s free Pro Tools | Control iPad app for rich visual feedback on your session. View track names, parameter values, S6-style monitoring and more to enhance your workflow even further.


Got a big session coming up? No worries. S1 makes it easy to scale up and reconfigure the surface as your needs grow. Connect multiple units together—and even add Pro Tools | Dock—to create a single extended and integrated surface.

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