Universal Audio is responsible for creating some of the most accurate emulations of classic pro audio gear, including the Fairchild 660/670 , LA-2A, and Neve 1073. Add another essential preamp to that list, as the TAB/Telefunken V76 has recently got its own UAD plug-in.

The V76 has some history behind it, which is chronicled in great detail over on our new Pro Audio Hall of Fame page. It all starts with the foundational block of the V41 mic pre, which was the design basis for the V72. The V76 is essentially two V72s in series with 76 dB of gain.

Even if you think you're unfamiliar with the V76, there is no doubt that you've heard this beautifully rich mic pre before. It's all over the masterpieces created at Decca, EMI, and Abbey Road Studio, as it has long been a go-to on kick, snare, vocals, and bass tracks.

Watch below to hear a shootout between a vintage V76 mic preamp and the new Universal Audio V76 plug-in. For this shootout review, we've used both to capture vocals from Sara Marie Barron, electric guitar by Dustin McLaughlin, and bass and drums from Bryan Reilly.

Akane Nakamura
If you're interested in purchasing the new Universal Audio V76 plug-in or need help finding a vintage V76 mic pre, contact a Vintage King Audio Consultant via email or by phone at 866.644.0160.