Summer is finally upon us and you know what that means... The sun, the surf, the sand, and killer sales on new microphones, of course! Vintage King Summer Sale is here once again! Stack your mic locker with huge savings on top-sellers from AKG, Neumann, Royer, and more, and take your recordings to the next level. Continue below to discover all of our microphone sales, but hurry, these deals only last until Monday, June 24th, 2019.
AKG C414 XL II Summer Sale Deal: Select AKG Items On Sale The AKG C414 is a classic studio microphone that captures the tone of the iconic AKG C12. With nine selectable polar patterns, three switchable high-pass filters, and three selectable pads, the AKG C414 is perfect for any situation. Record lead vocals, solo instruments and full ensembles with stunning clarity. A slight presence boost and super-wide stereo image add impressive space, depth, and detail to any recording.
Neumann TLM 49 Summer Sale Deal: Free Gift Card With Purchase Of Select Microphones The Neumann TLM 49 emulates the sound of vintage tubes using Neumann’s timeless FET circuitry. Equipped with the same K 47 capsule used in the legendary U 47 and M 49 microphones, the TLM 49 delivers pristine sound quality. The fixed cardioid pickup pattern helps eliminate unwanted background noise, making the TLM 49 the perfect mic for capturing studio-quality vocals.
Bock Audio 47 Summer Sale Deal: 10% Off Bock Audio Speaking of the K 47 capsule, the Bock Audio 47 uses a custom K 47-type capsule to recreate the classic sound of 50s-era microphones. Ideal for recording vocals, the Bock 47 uses a fixed cardioid pickup pattern to reduce unwanted room noise, while its powerful proximity effect adds up to 12 dB at 100 Hz. Capture the signature vocal sound of artists like Frank Sinatra, Led Zeppelin and Sheryl Crow with the Bock 47.
Electro-Voice RE20 Summer Sale Deal:  $50 Off The RE20 If you’re looking for that classic radio sound, check out the Electro-Voice RE20. This large diaphragm dynamic microphone has been a favorite of broadcasters for decades due to its big, beefy sound. Its Variable-D design allows you to get as close to the mic as you want with no audible proximity effect, while the built-in pop filter prevents plosives at any distance. While the RE20 has a frequency-response custom-tailored to vocals, it’s also a popular choice for recording kick drums, bass guitars, and just about anything that needs a little OOMPF.
Flea Microphones 12 Summer Sale Deal: 10% Off Select Flea Microphones The Flea Microphones 12 is more than just an emulation of the AKG C12—it’s an exact replica. Equipped with Tim Campbell’s CT12 capsule, modeled after the original CK12 capsule, the Flea 12 delivers stunning sound. A military-grade GE 6072 tube adds warm and subtle saturation to any instrument. Pick up the optional vintage-style PSU and pattern-selector box for total authenticity.
Microtech Gefell M300 Summer Sale Deal: 10% Off Microtech Gefell This compact small diaphragm condenser microphone has been a secret weapon of top engineers and producers for years.  The M300 has a new low-noise integrated circuit and a transformer-less design that offer an extremely wide dynamic range. With a subtle boost between 6 and 10 kHz, the Gefel M300 brings acoustic instruments to life.
Pearlman TM-1 Summer Sale Deal: 10% Off Pearlman The Pearlman TM-1 delivers the classic sound of vintage tube microphones at a fraction of the price. Equipped with New Old Stock tubes based on the Telefunken VF14, famously used in the Neumann U47, the TM-1 offers studio-quality sound. Featuring a hand-wired circuit and a custom-built power supply, the TM-1 is a boutique mic at a bargain price.
Royer Labs R-122 MK II Summer Sale Deal: Price Drop On R-122 MK II Based on the iconic R-121, the Royer Labs R-122 MKII is an active ribbon microphone that’s perfect for the stage or the studio. These phantom-powered ribbon mics offer improved output and new features like a switchable pad and a built-in high-pass filter. Not to mention it completely removes the fear of accidentally frying your ribbon with 48v… The R-122 is road-tested and tour-tough with a durable design. With a smooth, natural frequency response, the R-122 is perfect for adding subtle warmth to guitars, drum overheads and more.
Slate Digital ML-1 Summer Sale Deal: Free ML-1 With Purchase Of VRS8 Interface   The Slate Digital ML-1 is an entire locker full of vintage, modern, and custom-made microphones all rolled into one. On its own, the ML-1 is a large diaphragm condenser microphone with a hyper-linear frequency response for flat and neutral sound. When combined with the Virtual Microphone System, it emulates the sound of some of the most popular studio microphones of all time, including the U 47, U 67, C-800G, ELA M 251, C12, and more.
Wunder Audio CM7 FET Suprema Summer Sale Deal: 10% Off Microphones And Outboard The CM7 FET is a phantom powered version of the classic Neumann U 47. With an ultra low noise JFET transistor, a Neve 1073-style transformer, and an improved K47-style capsule, the CM7 FET sounds even better than the original. With punchy lows and brilliant highs, the CM7 FET is tailor-made for recording vocals.
Mesanovic Model 2 Summer Sale Deal: 10% Off Mesanovic  Handmade in Detroit, Michigan, the Mesanovic Model 2 is a passive ribbon mic with a custom-made ribbon motor for an extremely wide and balanced frequency response. Capable of capturing frequencies all the way from 20 Hz to 20 kHz, the Model 2 offers tight, controlled lows and brilliant, airy highs. An excellent choice on vocals, guitar amps, drums, and acoustic instruments, the Model 2 is sure to be your new go-to mic for capturing open, transparent recordings.
Soundelux U99 Summer Sale Deal: 10% Off Soundelux  The Soundelux U99 is a versatile multi-pattern tube microphone inspired by the original Neumann U 67. Equipped with a custom k67 capsule, the U99 delivers a rich, full sound straight out of 1967. Innovative features like signature SdxUSA “fat” switch and a new high frequency “boost-flat-cut” switch let you dial in the perfect sound for any instrument. With a limited proximity effect and a high signal-to-noise ratio, the U99 works well for close-micing or room-micing techniques.
Cascade Microphones X-15  Summer Sale Deal: Most Products 20% Off If you're looking for an easy way to capture Blumlein-style stereo recordings with an easy set-up, the X-15 from Cascade Microphones is the perfect tool. The stereo ribbon microphone features two separate matched ribbon motors that are positioned above one another. This is a unique tool for superb stereo separation.
Robert Alexander If you're interested in any of the microphones mentioned above or want to learn more about our Summer Sale deals, contact a Vintage King Audio Consultant via email or by phone at 866.644.0160.