Burl Audio is well known for the incredible B80 Mothership, but their gear offerings extend beyond the famed converter rack and give users a number of different options in the studio. In an effort to better showcase the Burl B16 Mothership and B32 Vancouver summing mixer, we headed to the 45 Factory with Audio Consultant Andy Caitlin (a.k.a The Lasso) to work on a track that he conceived during a recent tour.

For the uninitiated, the Burl B16 Mothership is a 2-slot version of the much bigger, 10-slot B80 Mothership. The 2U rack mount form factor allows users of smaller project studios to take advantage of Burl converters. For Andy's track, he recorded piano, drums, electric guitar, and synthesizer through a B16 Mothership with the BAD8 and BDA8 daughter cards, and a BMB4 Waves SoundGrid card connecting the rig to the studio's Mac.

After tracking and finishing the mix in the box, Andy then sent the entire project through the Burl B32 Vancouver summing mixer. The B32 Vancouver features 32 all-discrete, Class A inputs, a +6 dB boost and switchable BX5 output transformer options, which offer you the ability to leave your tracks sounding pristine or add a little bit of color to them. Andy printed off five different versions of the mix (all of which are downloadable below) that show off some of the different features of the B32.

Here's a breakdown of the different tracks:

Track 1: This is a dry print of the final track from Ableton.

Track 2: The B32 is now being used and both channels are set at 0 dB.

Track 3: The switchable BX5 output transformers on the B32 have been engaged.

Track 4: The 6+ dB boosts have been engaged and each channel has been pulled back -6 dB

Track 5: The BX5 output transformers and 6+ dB boosts are engaged, the channel attenuators have been set back at 0 dB.

Watch our video below to see the tracking and mixing process with the B16 Mothership and B32 Vancouver. You can download our Pro Tools session to compare each track side-by-side or download each individual WAV file to put in the DAW of your choice.

Andy Catlin
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