When it comes to Meris, pedal enthusiasts can always expect the unexpected. Earlier today, the innovative brand announced the release of the Hedra and they are once again living up to that reputation. This 3-voice rhythmic pitch shifter is unlike anything to come before it.

Simply put, the Hedra is a behemoth. Blistering guitar harmony leads that track unbelievably well? Check! Getting polyphonic sounds from your monosynth? Got it! Individual delays on each voice? Oh yeah, big time.

The Hedra has an extremely wide range of features including tap-tempo delay on each voice, micro tune control, adjustable pitch correction, and so much more. While Hedra users will be excited to use the pedal for the aforementioned multi-voice uses, they will also be able to take advantage of beautiful chorus-like sounds, killer auto-swells, and unique interval sweeps.

The Meris Hedra is now shipping from Vintage King. Watch our demo below to hear the 3-voice rhythmic pitch shifter used on vocals (Olivia Millerschin), electric guitar (Bryan Reilly), and drums (Ben Luckett).


Whit Fineberg
If you're interested in ordering the Meris Hedra, head over to the product page or reach out to a Vintage King Audio Consultant via email or by phone at 866.644.0160.