Germany has been important to the history of pro audio, as it has given us many of the tools we use daily in the studio. In 1999, ADAM Audio was founded in the capital of Berlin and nearly a decade later the company is continuing the country’s legacy of innovation by creating incredible monitors.The history of ADAM Audio starts way before 1999 though. It begins with Oskar Heil’s design for the Air Motion Transformer in the 1960s, which would serve as the basis for ADAM Audio’s X-ART (eXtended Accelerating Ribbon Technology) tweeter. The design, which uses a pleated diaphragm as opposed to the traditional piston-like diaphragm, was truly the starting point of all forthcoming ADAM Audio designs.
In this Buyer’s Guide, we will be talking about each line of ADAM Audio’s monitors, including the new A Series, T Series, S Series, Subwoofers, and headphones. By going through the technology and design involved in each line, you’ll be able to better understand what ADAM Audio gear would fit well into your own studio.


ADAM Audio A Series

In April of 2021, ADAM Audio announced the next evolution of its best-selling AX Series, the A Series. Under the hood, A Series speakers sport a number of improvements over the original AX Series, including a new X-ART AMT tweeter, Multi-Layer Mineral (MLM) drivers, onboard DSP and more. Ideal for studios of any size, A Series studio monitors are the ‘sweet spot’ for many engineers looking for the perfect balance of price and performance.


The new flagship monitor of the A Series, the A8H is a three-way speaker that utilizes all of ADAM’s latest technology to deliver extremely accurate and analytical sound. Equipped with an 8" resonant MLM fiber woofer, 3.5” DCH midrange driver, and handmade precision X-ART tweeter, the A8H delivers an ultra-wide frequency response from 42 Hz up to 41 kHz. The rotatable HPS waveguide allows for better directivity control when placing monitors vertically or horizontally. The woofer is powered by a 250 W Class D amp, while the midrange driver and tweeter are powered by 70 W and 20 W Class AB amps, respectively. 


Based on the popular A77X from the AX Series, the new A77H is a true 3-way midfield monitor that offers improved output and enhanced midrange over its predecessor. Featuring dual 7” MLM woofers, the A77H is capable of producing powerful low end down to 41 Hz. A dedicated 3.5 DCH midrange driver—just like the one found in the A8H—helps punch out the midrange with extra detail, while ADAM’s X-ART tweeter and HPS waveguide deliver crisp, clear highs up to 41 kHz. Featuring the same amps as the flagship A8H, the woofers in the A77H are powered by a 250 W Class D amp, while the midrange driver and tweeter are powered by 70 W and 20 W Class AB amps. 


The next evolution of the best-selling A7X, the new ADAM Audio A7V is a compact 2-way nearfield monitor that’s perfect for small home studios and large-scale commercial facilities alike. Equipped with a new 7” MLM woofer and X-ART tweeter with a rotatable HPS waveguide, the A7V delivers detailed sound from 40 Hz - 45 kHz. A 100 W Class D amp powers the woofer, while a 20 W Class AB amp powers the tweeter, pumping out a max SPL of up to 105 dB.


A brand new entry for the A Series, the A44H is a compact, 2-way version of the new A77H, making it ideal for smaller studios. Featuring dual 4" long-throw woofers and X-ART tweeter and HPS, the A44H provides deep, rich bass and pristine highs. A 110 W Class D amp powers the two woofers, while a 20 W Class AB amp drives the tweeter. 


Featuring design elements from the popular A5X and A3X monitors from the AX Series, the new A4V monitor is the smallest of the bunch, making it ideal for nearfield monitoring in smaller studio spaces. It’s also the most affordable monitor in the new A Series lineup, making it a great entry point for engineers on a budget. Sporting a 4" long-throw MLM woofer and classic X-ART tweeter, the A4V pumps out low-end down to 52 Hz and offers impressive high-end performance up to 45 kHz. Powered by 110 W Class D and 20 W Class AB amps, this small-yet-mighty monitor offers a max SPL of up to 100 dB.

ADAM Audio T Series

The T Series from ADAM Audio represents the most affordable embodiment of their active nearfield monitor design philosophy. Although the T Series is made for the budget-conscious studio, high-quality components are used throughout. In fact, no corners are cut - except those of the upper monitor face itself, which is angled to reduce reflections that distort the sound source.


ADAM Audio T5V

The T5V is a vertical nearfield monitor with a 5” polypropylene woofer, rear-firing bass reflex port, and a 1.9” U-ART ribbon tweeter coupled with ADAM’s patented HPS Waveguide. The T5V has a small footprint but a big sound that can handle 106 dB of SPL. It relies on a 20W Class D amp for the tweeter that reaches 25 kHz, and a separate 50W amp for the woofer, that takes you down to 45 Hz. If you need to reach even lower, you can bring in more bass with a separate subwoofer such as the ADAM Sub7 or Sub8. Either way, the T5V is the perfect entry point to get the ADAM Audio sound into your project studio.


ADAM Audio T7V


The T7V is also a vertical nearfield monitor, nearly identical to the T5V, except for a larger 7” polypropylene woofer that allows the bass to reach 39 Hz and the SPL to increase to 110 dB. All other specs remain the same as the T5V, and of course it can be married to the ADAM Sub8 for deeper bass response. The wide dispersion of the HPS Waveguide increases the horizontal sweet spot while focusing the vertical response, to avoid reflections from ceilings, floors, and your mixer. This makes it an ideal choice for small control rooms.


ADAM Audio T8V

As the latest addition to the T Series, the T8V utilizes the same technology, features, and build quality as the T5V, T7V, and T10S Subwoofer. So what's new with the T8V? Well, the monitor features an 8" woofer that allows for ample bass extension all the way down to 33 Hz.

With the woofer working alongside ADAM Audio's U-ART tweeter and Waveguide design, engineers can expect a larger sweet spot during tracking and mixing. The monitor's Class D amplifiers for the tweet and woofer will deliver 20 W and 70 W and offer 118 dB max SPL per pair.

S Series

The S Series is the top of the line from ADAM Audio. From cabinet construction to amplifiers, drivers to waveguides, everything about the S Series is first-class. The famous X-ART tweeter is here upgraded to the S-ART, a design that meets the tightest tolerances and highest precision, while still being handmade in Berlin. This folded ribbon sits behind the HPS Waveguide, ADAM’s proprietary design that precisely focuses the high frequencies to a broad and tight horizontal plane.

The bass drivers are a revolutionary design that feature the new Symmetrical Magnet Assembly (SMA), whose voice coil can travel 3 times farther than standard designs, allowing for highly accurate reproduction. The cabinets play a role here as well, with highly dense, inert construction, aerodynamically designed bass reflex tubes, and wide-radius rounded cabinet edges to minimize diffractions; all wrapped in a durable coating. A new DSP engine provides the user of any S Series model with a wide array of functions to customize the monitors to their environment.


ADAM Audio S2V

The first level of the S Series is the S2V, a 2-way vertically-oriented nearfield monitor design. The handmade S-ART tweeter, more accurate than ever, is run by a 50 watt Class A/B amplifier, while the low and midrange are handled by a 7” hexacone woofer, newly designed specifically for the S2V. With its own 300 watt Class D amplifier, the woofer can reproduce down to 35 Hz, allowing this compact monitor to handle up to 120 dB of SPL. The crossover between the drivers is managed by the custom made DSP, which also provides equalization, room tuning, and limiter-based protection for the tweeter, along with processing the incoming digital signals through the AES3 input. The DSP software can be operated or updated via the handy USB port

S3V and S3H

ADAM Audio S3V

The anchor of the S Series is the S3V, a 3 way vertically-oriented Midfield monitor design. The 3 drivers each have their own amplifier: 500 watt and 300 watt Class D amps for the bass and midrange, and a 50 watt Class A/B amp for the tweeter. This 850w powerhouse can reach from 32 Hz up to 50 kHz, with the crossovers precision-controlled by the DSP unit. The S-ART tweeter is the most precise folded ribbon ADAM has ever produced, while the 4” midrange is a new dome/cone hybrid design (DCH) utilizing the best features of both of those time-tested forms. The woofer is also new, a 9” hexacone design providing very accurate and deep bass from 32 to 250 Hz via the new basket, the Extended Linear Excursion (ELE) design and the Symmetrical Magnet Assembly. Along with the waveguides and solid cabinetry, the S3V provides world-class monitoring in a 3-way design.

ADAM Audio S3H

To go even deeper into the bass realm and higher in the wattage department, ADAM offers the S3H, a horizontally-oriented Midfield monitor that trades a single large 9” woofer in the vertical system for a pair of 7” woofers that can dive down to 30 Hz - each of them powered by its own 500 watt Class D amp. No need for a separate subwoofer here! Meanwhile the midrange of 250 Hz to 3 kHz is covered by a 4” hybrid dome/cone speaker powered by its own 300 watt Class D amp. Above 3K, the spectrum is handed over to the S-ART tweeter, with the custom-designed DSP handling all the crossovers as well as allowing for EQ and room tuning customization. The S3H is an all-in-one solution for any studio needing a highly accurate Midfield monitor that provides nuances at low levels and extended response up to 126 dB SPL. With an expansive sweet spot, 1350 watts of power, and DSP control, your studio never sounded better.

S5V and S5H

ADAM Audio S5V

The ADAM Audio S5V is a preeminent main monitor, with the same 4” hybrid dome/cone midrange and S-ART tweeter found in the S3V, but with a larger 12” hexacone driver that can take your tones down to an earthshaking 25 Hz. And due to the Symmetrical Magnet Assembly and Extended Linear Excursion designs, those bass frequencies are as tight as bass can get, allowing an accuracy never before realized in this part of the spectrum. To handle it all, a 700 watt Class D amp is employed, along with 300- and 100-watt versions for the midrange and tweeter. With their waveguides milled from solid chunks of aluminum, they give you clarity and deep stereo imaging with a wide sweet spot and excellent off-axis response – exactly what you need from main monitors in large control rooms.

ADAM Audio S5H

The S5H doubles up on the woofers with a twin 10” design that utilizes the ELE and SMA designs that allow for accurate bass – in this case down to 22 Hz! As in the vertical version a trio of Class D amps provide a total of 1100 watts of power while the DSP handles all the crossovers and other functions for the 4” dome/cone hybrid (DCH) midrange and S-ART folded ribbon tweeter. The DCH employs a specially laminated carbon composite that combines the linear response of a dome with the long excursion of a cone, eliminating wobble and reproducing an octave lower than other drivers in its class. In the S5H you get tons of headroom, and tones of accuracy – a main monitor that can go from bone shattering to pianissimo and never break a sweat. Depth, clarity and a wide soundstage; the ADAM Audio S5H delivers everything you want from a world-class Main monitor system.


ADAM Audio S6X

The granddaddy of the S Series is the S6X, a main monitor that pulls out all the stops. 7 different drivers combine to bring you the ultimate in stereo imaging, acoustic detail, depth of bass, and a wide sweet spot. Twin 500 watt amps for the woofers and five 250 watt amps for the rest of the drivers bring a grand total of 2250 watts, with enough power and headroom to reach 133 dB in SPL. These drivers are mounted to a panel of Alucore®, a light and highly rigid honeycomb of aluminum that enhances the mechanical connection to the cabinet, thus reducing unneeded distortions. The X-ART design is employed for the single tweeter as well as a larger pair for the midrange.

A pair of 7.5” and 12” hexacone woofers cover the frequency spectrum down to 23 Hz, complemented by four bass ports. Extensive controls on the front panel allow for adjustment of input sensitivity, filter slopes and parametric equalization, to tailor the monitors exactly to your room as well as your sonic material. All of these features add up to a monitor that has consistent dynamic behavior across the entire frequency range, allowing accurate analysis of complex music and precise reproduction of the most demanding material. You, in turn, should demand nothing less than the best for your studio.


Subwoofer Series

ADAM Audio produces a full range of subwoofers, intended to complement their entire line of monitors. All are self-powered, active monitors, with built-in amplifiers tailored exactly to the drivers. So you can count on accurate bass reproduction without having to worry about matching an amplifier to the speaker. But the point of the ADAM subwoofers is not just louder bass; it’s all about accuracy. Regardless of the sub you choose, rest assured it is designed to create an unhyped response, an authentic reproduction built on clarity and naturalness.

All subs feature a -60 to +6 dB gain range, a variable upper frequency control from 50-150 Hz, and a phase switch. Satellite speaker outputs also have an optional high pass filter at 85 hz. The remote control feature allows easy adjustment of speaker parameters directly from the sweet spot, saving time and providing precision control. Both balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA connections are provided, to allow incorporation into any system.


ADAM Audio Sub7

The ADAM Audio Sub7 features a 7” paper subwoofer powered by a 140 watt amplifier. With a frequency response from 150 Hz down to 32 Hz, the Sub7 is designed to complement ADAM’s smaller nearfield monitors, such as the T or AX Series, and handles up to 107 dB in SPL. Featuring both XLR and RCA connections, the Sub7 is equally at home in the studio or…at home! The handy remote lets you adjust from the sweet spot, providing control of the face mounted, motorized volume and crossover knobs. Also mounted on the face is the front-firing bass port, which allows for close placement against walls in smaller control rooms.



ADAM Audio Sub8

The ADAM Audio Sub8 features a 8.5” paper subwoofer powered by a 160 watt amplifier. The Sub8 is designed to complement ADAM’s smaller nearfield monitors, such as the T or AX Series, with a frequency response from 150 Hz down to 28 Hz and SPL handling up to 110 dB. Featuring both XLR and RCA connections, the Sub7 is equally at home in the studio or…at home! The front baffle holds motorized volume and crossover knobs, which can be accessed via remote control to let you make adjustments from the sweet spot. Also mounted on the face is the front-firing bass port, allowing for tight placement against walls in smaller control rooms.

Sub10 Mk2


ADAM Audio Sub10 Mk2

ADAM Audio's Sub10 Mk2 features a 10” paper subwoofer powered by a 200 watt Class D amplifier. This amp is highly efficient (over 90%) and can run for long periods without overheating. The Sub10 Mk2 is designed to complement any Near- or Mid-field monitor setup, with a frequency response from 150 Hz down to 25 Hz and SPL handling up to 113 dB. The specially formulated surround and heavy duty voice coil of this woofer cone are designed for long excursions and long life. The special design allows for a low cutoff frequency and high sound pressure level, without the usual distortions that accompany subwoofers in this range. The downward firing bass reflex port is designed to minimize ventilation noise with its generous size and precise shape, while tapered corners on the front baffle minimize unwanted reflections. A great choice to enhance any T or AX Series monitor from ADAM.



ADAM Audio Sub12

The Sub12 from ADAM Audio features a 12” paper subwoofer powered by a 200 watt Class D amplifier. The Sub12 is designed to complement any near- or mid-field monitor setup, with a frequency response from 150 Hz down to 22 Hz and SPL handling up to 115 dB. The cone surround and heavy duty voice coil are specially designed for long excursions and long life. These drivers have a low cutoff frequency and high SPL, without the distortions that usually plague subwoofers in this operating range. The bass reflex port is downward firing, in order to minimize ventilation noise with ample size and a precise shape, while the tapered corners of the front baffle reduce unwanted reflections. The Sub12 is a great choice to enhance any T Series, AX Series or smaller S Series monitor from ADAM, and the extra output means it can be cascaded with additional subs for even more power and flexibility.



ADAM Audio Sub15

The Sub15 takes you to a higher level by taking you to a lower level – all the way down to 20 Hz. The Sub15 features a 15.5” subwoofer made of aluminum, whose rigidity allows for precise response. The pair of magnets and 100mm voice coil of this driver are powered by a 1000 watt Class D amplifier. Over 90% efficiency allows this amp to run for hours without overheating or fatigue. The bass reflex port fires downward; its large size and rounded shape minimizes ventilation noise, while tapered corners on the front baffle minimize unwanted reflections. Multiple connectivity is provided by XLR and RCA I/O’s. Volume, crossover and other parameters are accessible via remote control, to ease the handling of satellite speakers or incorporation into a Dolby surround configuration. The Sub15 from ADAM Audio is an excellent enhancement to any Midfield or Main monitoring situation.



ADAM Audio Sub2100

The big daddy of all the subwoofers from ADAM Audio is the Sub2100. With a full kilowatt amplifier (yes, that’s 1000 watts!) a humongous 21.5“ paper cone driver, and the world’s largest voice coil (a full 6 inches!), the Sub2100 reaches down to an amazing 18 Hz, while handling 128 dB of SPL, with lots of headroom and no compression. Take the reproduction of sound in a large studio to the limits of human hearing with this massive subwoofer.


Studio Pro SP-5 Headphones

The Studio Pro SP-5 headphones are the first portable monitors from ADAM Audio, built in conjunction with Ultrasone. These two German companies have pooled their engineering expertise to create a reference-quality pair of headphones. Extensive testing and redesign has culminated in a circumaural closed-back headphone that bears the unique ADAM Audio sonic signature.

Interchangeable cables allow for incorporation into any setup, while the weight of about 10 ounces allows for long periods of listening. And you’ll be listening to excellent transient response and the tonal balance you expect from ADAM Audio, with consistent dynamic character across the entire range, from 8 Hz to 38 kHz. Maximum passive isolation with minimum listening fatigue leads to maximal sonic reproduction with minimal difficulty moving from headphones to monitor speakers.

All this with maximum comfort and minimum troubles in spatial imaging, due to Ultrasone’s S-Logic Plus technology, which uses offset drivers to reduce the SPL at your ears and enhance the spatial relationships of sounds. And these headphones will definitely enhance your mixing ability, in the studio or on the go.

Bill LearnedIf you’re interested in learning more about ADAM Audio monitors or would like to purchase a pair for your studio, reach out to a Vintage King Audio Consultant via email or by phone at 866.644.0160.