Spectra 1964 is back and better than ever with the Model C610, a new take on their classic Model 610 complimiter. The original Model 610 was released in 1969 and quickly earned a reputation as one of the fastest, quietest, and most versatile compressors on the market.

In more recent years, engineers and producers like Tchad Blake have made the compressor known as a great coloring tool. While you're still able to drive the new Model C610 to distort, the updated feature set of the complimiter expands on the designer's original intentions for the piece of gear.

It all starts with Spectra 1964's new cinemag input and output transformers. The output transformer features a higher headroom and bandwidth than the original Triad design. The C610 also features additional input padding (the same found on the V610), as the original had a lower threshold and would begin compression at lower volumes.

The C610 also offers a multi-color LED for the Overload light to monitor gain staging with the unit. One color monitors the output of the 601 complimiter card, and the other monitors the output of the 101 makeup gain card. This helps monitor gain staging and suss out clipping points.

While the C610 is incredible in its own right, it can also have a major impact on the rest of the gear in your studio. By eliminating voltage peaks that ride the leading edge of waveforms, it effectively raises the headroom of all other gear downstream of it.  These voltage peaks are out of the range of hearing but can trigger other compressors to compress unnecessarily. Thus, by using the C610 with other compressors, your old tools have a whole new edge to them

Ideal for tracking, bus processing, and mastering, the Spectra 1964 C610 Complimiter puts the limitless tone-shaping capabilities of the Model 610 Complimiter at your fingertips. Watch below as Vintage King in-house engineer Bryan Reilly uses the complimiter on acoustic guitar, the vocals of Madelyn Grant, and bass and drums played by Miko Mader.

Sam RoutheauxIf you're interested in learning more about the Spectra 1964 Model C610 Complimiter or ordering one for your studio, contact a Vintage King Audio Consultant via email or by phone at 866.644.0160