At any time when you walk through the doors of the Vintage King Tech Shop, you're bound to find our team of technicians working on a number of vintage and used recording consoles. During our last visit, we were able to check out a vintage Neve console from the 1970s that was in for a premium servicing job.The Neve 5315 console was built in 12-channel and 24-channel configurations and originally equipped with 33114, 33115 and 33117 channel strips. Since each channel was interchangeable, users were able to select which strip they preferred and access different EQ selections based on the model number.

This particular Neve 5315 features (12) 33115s mic pre/EQ modules that have incredible sounding mic preamps. Essentially, they are the same as the coveted Neve 1081. The EQ features selectable proportional Q mid band with fixed shelving HF at 10khz and selectable LF shelving with many HP filter options as well. What you get is big, warm low end with the punchy midrange and mellow high frequency response that Neve lovers (and everyone else) love.

The photos in this blog showcase the Neve 5315 console prior to any servicing being done by the Vintage King Tech Shop. Stay tuned for more photos once the desk has been restored by our talented team of console technicians.

Akane Nakamura
If you’re interested in purchasing a vintage console or having one restored by the Vintage King Tech Shop, contact a Vintage King Audio Consultant via email or by phone at 866.644.0160.