sE Electronics is known for creating high-quality studio microphones with affordable price tags. In recent years, they've been busy collaborating with Rupert Neve Designs on a series of microphones, including the RNT Tube Microphone, RNR1, and RN17. Ahead of the 2019 NAMM Show, sE Electronics has introduced two new dynamic microphone models tailor-made to capture punchy, powerful drum recordings. Meet the V Kick and V Beat Drum Mic.
The V Kick Drum Mic is a versatile drum microphone designed for kick drums, floor toms, and other low-frequency instruments. Equipped with a custom DMC7 SB capsule, V Kick is custom-tuned for the lowest and loudest tones. Ideal for live shows with multiple bands and short changeovers, V Kick features two frequency response switches for dialing in the perfect kick sound. "Classic” mode provides a familiar low-frequency punch and a warm, rounded sound with a bite in the upper midrange. While the “Modern” setting emphasizes the highs and lows for an aggressive scooped sound. Featuring a flexible swivel joint and a compact footprint, V Kick fits easily through drum head ports with minimal cable clutter. The extremely low profile also allows for effortless placement inside the drum.
The V Beat Drum Mic is an ultra-compact mic designed to deliver natural, detailed sound for snares or toms of any size. Featuring an ultra-compact design with a parallel XLR connector and stand mount, the V Beat has the smallest footprint in its class. This drum-friendly design removes any cables from line-of-sight and prevents the mic from interfering with the drummer’s performance. Equipped with a sophisticated supercardioid capsule, V Beat offers amazing off-axis rejection and captures minimal bleed from nearby drums and cymbals. While V Beat is tuned for snare drums and toms, it can also be used to record electric guitars, brass instruments and more. With their powers combined, these new mics from sE Electronics offer everything you need to capture studio-quality drum recordings at an unbeatable price.
Navon Weisberg If you're interested in ordering the sE Electronics V Kick and V Beat Drum Mic, please contact a Vintage King Audio Consultant via email or by phone at 888.653.1184.