The ball is about to drop on 2019 and leave the last year behind in the history books. New year, new me... New microphones? If you said "Yes," we couldn't agree more as there has never been a better crop of mics at Vintage King. 

Continue on below to discover the Best Selling Microphones Of 2018 and find out what the rest of the pro audio community has been buying. From tried and true workhorse mics to revolutionary new designs, these are the most popular mics of the past year.

1. Slate Digital VMS ML-2 Small Diaphragm Modeling Microphone

The Slate Digital VMS ML-2 is a versatile small diaphragm condenser microphone, capable of modeling some of the most iconic studio microphones of all time. From classic condensers to vintage ribbons, the ML-2 can do it all. It even features a proprietary “Dynamic” switch that re-polarizes the capsule to emulate the response of dynamic microphones, allowing for extremely high SPLs without overloading.

Equipped with a flat, linear frequency response, the ML-2 provides an extremely balanced sound with exceptional detail and clarity. Unlock the full potential of this powerful microphone by pairing it with the popular VMS One Preamp or the VRS-8 eight channel interface.

• Linear and flat frequency response
• “Dynamic” mode for capturing high SPLs and modeling dynamic microphones
• Emulates 18 classic microphones

2. Shure SM57-LC

Perfect for the stage or the studio, the Shure SM57-LC dynamic microphone is an absolute workhorse. Featuring a bright, clean sound with a carefully contoured presence boost, the SM57 sounds great on percussion, guitars and vocals. It’s also capable of withstanding extreme SPLs, making it a perfect pairing for Marshall stacks and hard-hitting drummers.

The fixed cardioid pickup pattern is perfect for eliminating unwanted noise bleed in the studio, while the built-in pneumatic shock-mount system reduces handling noise during live performances. Best of all, the rugged construction ensures the SM57 will survive even the most brutal tours.

• Bright, clean frequency response
• Capable of withstanding high SPLs
• Cardioid pickup pattern reduces background noise
• Rugged, tour-worthy construction

3. Shure SM7B

Shure's SM7B is a versatile large diaphragm dynamic microphone with a surprisingly wide frequency response. Favored by broadcasters for its smooth, balanced tone, the SM7B is the ideal mic for capturing radio-ready vocals. An internal shock mount eliminates mechanical noise, while a built-in pop filter reduces plosives, making this mic virtually noise-free.

Equipped with variable bass roll-off and presence boost controls, the SM7B delivers a clean and natural sound for both music and speech. Ideal for everything from guitar amps to drums, the SM7B is sure to become your new go-to mic for almost any source.

• Flat, wide-range frequency response of 50 Hz - 20 kHz
• High Pass Filter and Presence Boost switches
• Internal shock suspension eliminates mechanical noise
• Classic cardioid polar pattern

4. Slate Digital VMS One

The Slate Digital VMS One virtual microphone system kit has everything you need to capture the sound of some of the most iconic studio microphones of all time. Featuring hyper-accurate emulations of eight classic tube mics and two preamps, VMS is an all-in-one studio solution.

Slate Digital's ML-1 large diaphragm condenser microphone features a flat, neutral frequency response specially designed to work in tandem with the VMS-ONE preamp to deliver highly accurate microphone modeling. The VMS-ONE preamp utilizes state-of-the-art amplifiers to produce the purest and most linear signal possible. With their powers combined, this groundbreaking system can bring any sound to life.

• ML-1 large diaphragm condenser microphone
• VMS-ONE preamp
• Hyper-accurate emulations of eight classic tube microphones and two preamps
• Linear frequency response for transparent recordings

5. Townsend Labs Sphere L22 Condenser Studio Mic

Townsend Labs Sphere L22 Microphone is a dual-capsule large diaphragm condenser mic capable of modeling classic studio microphones with unparalleled precision. Down to the very last detail, the Sphere system captures the transient response, harmonics, proximity effect and polar response of some of the most prized mics of all time.

Dial in the tone of your dreams after nailing the perfect take using the intuitive Sphere plug-in. Tweak mic type, polar pattern, and other mic features to recreate the sounds of your favorite records.

• High-resolution, dual-channel L22 large-diaphragm condenser microphone
• Groundbreaking mic modeling technology
• Access some of the most prized microphones of all time
• Realtime UAD Processing with Universal Audio Apollo

Honorable Mentions: Sennheiser MD 421 IIRoswell Pro Audio Mini K47 and Coles 4038

James Good
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