Vintage King wanted to create something special to celebrate our 25th anniversary this year, so we teamed up with our friends at Retro Instruments to release a reproduction of the 175-B compressor. There will only be 150 of these limited edition 175-B recreations available worldwide and they will be sold exclusively through Vintage King.

Why bring back the 175-B? Simple. It’s a classic compressor that has been a staple since its release. Designed by Bill Putnam, the product was created to make up for the lack of compressors created specifically for recording studios. It’s huge and clear sounding tube circuitry and aggressive nature has made it a favorite of many engineers on drums, guitars and vocals.

For the new 175-B, Retro Instruments utilized the same chassis and components as their 176 model. However, that doesn’t mean they are the same unit. Phil Moore at Retro has stripped back the modern features of the 176 and returned the 175-B to Bill Putnam’s original circuit design. We have used the same tube complement as the original and custom designed transformers to match these specs.

The 175-B also features input and output controls that utilize 21 position Swiss-made Elma stepped attenuators with fine tune vernier controls to adjust level in between steps. The 175-B’s front plate has a VU Meter, that is switchable between Input, Output and Gain Reduction. True to the original 175-B, this unit has front panel patch jacks [cosmetic only]. The rear’s input and output connections are balanced XLR.

Prior to the announcement of the new 175-B, we were able to take the new Retro Instruments and Vintage King release to the 45 Factory recording studio. Watch below to hear the new compressor in a shootout with the studio’s vintage 175-B on multiple sound sources, including electric guitar, bass and drums.

Chris Karn
If you’re interested in ordering the exclusive Vintage King and Retro Instruments 175-B compressor or a matched pair, contact one of our Audio Consultants via email or by phone at 888.653.1184.