These Black Friday deals are no longer available, please click here to shop all current 2019 Black Friday promos. Black Friday, the day itself, might be over, but we are far from done offering savings over at Vintage King. Our Black Friday Sale continues on until December 3rd with so many ways to save! Whether you’re looking for subtle glue on your mix bus, tight transient control on your tracks, or downright dirty parallel compression, we’ve got you covered this Black Friday with crazy deals on some of our most popular compressors.
Acme Audio Opticom XLA-500 Black Friday Deal: Save 10% Off Acme Audio XLA-500 (Ends 12/3) The Opticom XLA-500 packs all of Acme Audio’s revered XLA-3 MKII warm tube-ey goodness into a compact 500 series module. Although the XLA-500 features incredibly simple controls, the intuitive interface makes it easy to quickly dial in the perfect sound. The slow setting is perfect for subtle glue on the mix bus, similar to vintage broadcast limiters. The medium setting offers a sound reminiscent of the classic optical compressor, the LA-2A. Finally, the fast setting is modeled after the all-buttons-in mode on the 1176 compressor, offering a wide variety of sonic options suitable for any situation.
BAE 500C FET Compressor Black Friday Deal: Save 10% Off Select BAE Audio (Ends 12/3) The 500C FET compressor is a near-identical recreation of the iconic FET compressors of the 60s and 70s with a number of modern innovations. Featuring the same fixed ratio controls as the original, including the classic all-buttons-in mode, as well as an additional 2:1 ratio for subtle bus compression, the 500C FET offers unrivaled tonal versatility. Equipped with hyper-fast attack and release times, this powerful dynamics processor is perfect for aggressive, pumping percussion tracks.
Buzz Audio Essence Black Friday Deal: Save 12% On Buzz Audio Essence Buzz Audio's Essence is based on their Stereo Optical Compressor design with additional BE40 and BE50 True Class A amplifiers and high spec Lundahl transformers for enhanced transient response. The Essence utilizes the Differential Drive Side Chain (DDSC) topology for incredibly musical-sounding gain reduction. Equipped with multiple side-chain equalizers, this module makes it easy to quickly dial in the sound you’re looking for. Add in a dedicated drive knob for increasing THD and you’ve got yourself a new go-to compressor.
Bettermaker C502V Black Friday Deal: Save Up To 13% Off Bettermaker (Ends 1/1) The Bettermaker C502V is a three-in-one 500 series compressor with revolutionary digital recall and automation. Dave Pensado called the C502V “the future of our profession” and for good reason. With the C502V you can control your rack-mounted hardware unit right from your DAW using a digital plug-in interface. Choose from three modes — a proprietary mastering compressor with very unique attack behavior, SG mode inspired by the classic British VCA bus compressor, or DX Mode inspired by the classic aggressive compression of the dbx160.
Elysia Xpressor 500 Black Friday Deal: Save 15% On Elysia (Ends 12/3) Finally, the unique tonal shaping qualities of the Xpressor are available in a 500 series format. The Xpressor 500 features 100% Class-A topology for full, detailed transient response. Turn on the THD Boost to instantly add harmonics for a grittier sound. Dial in extreme time constants, negative ratios, or Elysia’s custom “antilog” release settings for a whole spectrum of unique dynamics shaping options. Or simply turn on the Auto Fast setting for the perfect attack in any situation.
Highland Dynamics BG2 Compressor Black Friday Deal: Save 10% On The Highland Dynamics BG2 (Ends 12/3) The BG2 compressor combines the classic sonic character of vintage vari-mu compressors with all the benefits of modern technology. Constructed using an all-tube design reminiscent of classic compressors like the Altec 436, RCA BA6A and Gates Sta-Level, the BG2 sounds like something out of the 1960s. Choose between two compression modes, British and American. In British mode, the BG2 uses an old-school feedback designer pristine high-end and smooth transient response. Flip the switch to American mode for rich harmonics and tons of character.
Shadow Hills Dual Vandergraph Black Friday Deal: Save 10% On Select Shadow Hills (Ends 12/3) They said it couldn’t be done. They said no one could ever fit the massive Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor into a 500 series module — until now. The Dual Vandergraph is a direct descendant of the Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor, equipped with the same fully discrete, class-A audio patch, discrete gain cells, and beefy iron transformers for that classic sound. The Dual Vandergraph also borrows from the Shadow Hills’ revered Optograph, featuring the same extremely flexible Sidechain Filter matrix.
UK Sound 1173 Black Friday Deal: Save 10% On Select UK Sound (Ends 12/3) Two for one! The 1173 combines two classic sounds in a single rack mount unit. Featuring a Neve-style 1073 preamp and Universal Audio 1176 FET compressor, the 1173 offers all the same functionality as the original and then some. Choose between five selectable ratios or go all buttons in for that unmistakable explosive sound. Dial in the perfect pumping effect with super-fast attack and release times, and fine-tune your transient response with the new side-chain filter.
Neve 33609 N Black Friday Deal: Save 10% On Neve (Ends 12/3) The Neve 33609 N is a modern classic. Featuring the same hand wired transformers, and feedback circuit as the classic Neve 2254, the 33609 N offers a nearly indistinguishable sound from the original. The 33609 N is the ultimate bus compressor, as it capable of subtle, transparent compression with ratios as low as 1.5:1, or punchy, slamming compression that will bring your drums to life. Built using top-of-the-line components, the 33609 N is great for adding a grit and warmth to any source.
Spectra 1964 Model V610 Complimiter Black Friday Deal: Save 10% On Spectra 1964 (Ends 12/3) Based on the 610 Complimiter, the Model V610 combines the vintage tones of this classic compressor with modern innovations. Featuring high resolution detented controls for precise control, the V610 is the perfect mastering compressor. But the V610 isn’t always subtle. It’s also great for dirtying up drums, punishing parallel compression and adding analog grit to anything and everything. This version introduces a number of improvements over the original, such as less distortion, lower internal noise, and increased output, the V610 feels right at home in your studio rack next to the most modern compressor.
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