The new AEA KU5A serves as a reminder that the brand has always been known for creating incredible ribbon microphones. Once again, inspiration comes in the form of a classic RCA mic, but this time, AEA is giving their new microphone a sonic quality all its own.

For the KU5A, AEA looked to the form factor of the RCA BK-5. The end-address design microphone was originally released in the mid-1950s and was primarily used at TV and radio stations. The microphone has been a recording studio staple in the decades since, as its lightweight body and uniaxial design enables users to have a more directional focus on the sound source.

Where things start to differ with AEA's new microphone is that the KU5A features a supercardioid pattern. Chosen for its great off-axis response, the supercardioid pattern of the KU5A paired with the microphone's body style rids your recordings of room tone and bleed, no matter whether in the studio or live setting. This active ribbon microphone, which is optimized for all mic pres, will give users unparalleled directional control on drums, vocals, guitars, horns and beyond.

In a recent visit to Vintage King, AEA's Josh Estock brought along the new KU5A ribbon microphone and a vintage BK-5 to the studio. To hear both mics on electric guitar, Wurlitzer and a track with vocal and acoustic guitars, watch our new demo below.

If you would like to order the AEA KU5A, please click here to visit our product page or contact a Vintage King Audio Consultant via email or by phone at 888.653.1184.