Universal Audio is changing the interface game once again with the release of Apollo X. The latest generation of the brand’s flagship interface has been given a significant boost with more processing power, improved conversion, new monitoring options and so much more. Learn more about Apollo X by reading our First Listen review here. If you’re already a current Apollo owner and would like to upgrade to the new Apollo X, you’re in luck. Vintage King is offering best-in-industry trade values when upgrading from your current interface. When trading in towards an Apollo X interface, you can receive up to $1,375 in trade value. See our exclusive Apollo trade-in values below:

Vintage King/Universal Audio Apollo X Interface Trade-In Program

Universal Audio Apollo 8 DUO $850
Universal Audio Apollo 8 QUAD $1,025
Universal Audio Apollo 8p QUAD $1,250
Universal Audio Apollo 16 MKII QUAD $1,250
Universal Audio Apollo DUO $575
Universal Audio Apollo DUO with Thunderbolt Card $725
Universal Audio Apollo QUAD $675
Universal Audio Apollo QUAD with Thunderbolt Card $825
Universal Audio Apollo 16 MKI Silver $725
Universal Audio Apollo 16 MKI Silver with Thunderbolt Card $875
If you’re interested in trading your current Apollo interface in towards an Apollo X, we’ve made the process extremely easy. Simply fill out the form below, include photos of your current Apollo interface and select which Apollo X you would like to purchase. After submitting your trade-in, a Vintage King Audio Consultant will reach out to you within 24 hours to discuss your trade value and how to use it towards the purchase of an Apollo X interface. Having trouble viewing the form? Click here.